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Refreshing Your Content Marketing: Tips From a Digital Marketing Agency

At our digital marketing agency, we always have our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends for social media and content marketing in Vancouver. We pretty much have to—what’s fresh in the world of marketing never stays fresh for long! 

In the uncertain times of COVID-19, an increasing number of users are browsing the internet in search of captivating content. Trends and user behaviour is constantly shifting based on new habits and lifestyle changes as consumers adapt to our new normal. It is more important than ever to stay on top of the latest trends so that your marketing is COVID-proof.

That’s why we are launching our new social media and content marketing round-up series!

In this series, we will be diving through some of the latest content marketing trends and opportunities that we spot while keeping an ever-vigilant eye out for our clients.

Get Local With Google My Business

With some restrictions being lifted over the past few months, many businesses have reopened their doors. It’s all change these days, and businesses are having to make constant adjustments to adapt to the current circumstances.

However, have you been communicating these changes with your customers?

Google My Business is an often-overlooked platform that can be a great asset to any location-based business. 

If you are open for business, why not create a COVID update to let your customers know?

Are you operating with shortened business hours? There are few worse experiences for a customer than driving out to a store to find it closed. Be sure to update your business hours!

Google My Business is also a great place to share your content. Try adding your Google My Business page to your social media posting routine to help show clients that your business is active and open!

Putting People First

When it comes to targeting your content towards an audience, actually creating content takes a decidedly old-school approach. While SEO research can give you a great idea for content topics, it won’t tell you how to communicate with your audience. There is no geotargeting, lookalike audiences, or negative keywords when writing blog posts—although, how cool would it be if there was!

That’s right, when it comes to creating compelling content, you have to think of your audience as people—not numbers!

Instead of traditional marketing metrics, compelling content relies more on emotional responses such as empathy, joy, or excitement. Style and tone are everything for both building a brand and targeting a specific audience. 

Ask yourself, who is my audience? How does my audience speak? Try to find a sweet spot that caters to both your audience and the voice of your brand. If you are unsure of who your audience is, a brand audit is a great way to find it!

It’s About the (Client) Journey

When creating content, keep in mind where it fits in your client journey. 

For example, are you trying to educate interested customers about your product? Or perhaps you are trying to keep pre-existing customers engaged with your brand?

The type of content a customer is looking for can vary significantly from one customer to the next depending on where they are in their client journey. For that reason, it is a good idea to clearly define who you are targeting to better cater your content to your audience. Having that audience defined can also make it easier to know exactly where your content marketing plans fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing in Vancouver With Our Digital Marketing Agency

At Cucumber, we bring a fresh approach to content marketing in Vancouver. Our marketing agency would be happy to help you refresh your marketing strategy with compelling content, social media management, and more. If you are looking to refresh your content marketing in Vancouver, feel free to contact our digital marketing agency!