Using SEO To Tackle The Marketing Questions That Matter

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just a tool to increase web traffic to your site. The process of performing SEO keyword research should take place at the same time as your competition review and marketing strategy, because it reveals trends in the industry and competitive actions you must address.

Using Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that reveals the strength of a keyword and its usage over time. This is particularly useful if an industry is hyper-competitive over a singular keyword. What happens if 20-30 players in a market all optimize for the same keyword, yet keyword traffic is starting to decrease over time?

You’ll start finding that it becomes harder and harder to compete, until someone is pushed out of the industry. Use SEO research to identify marketing challenges before they even happen.

Finding Similar Search Queries

If an industry is too competitive, or if many players are trying to do the same thing, it’s up to you to find alternate ways of marketing your product.

If “high quality scarf” is too competitive as a keyword, try optimizing your site for “best winter gear” or “warmest neckwear” instead. In recent years, the search growth for “near me” has risen exponentially – the way users are searching for products are changing year after year.

How you describe your products is a strategic decision that is revealed with SEO research. Share on X

Differentiate Your Product

We perform a competitive analysis of top players in your industry, and your closest competitors, whenever we perform SEO research. This means that not only are we helping you grow organic traffic, but we’re also keeping tabs on how your competitors are planning to address changes in your industry as well.

By having a clear picture of how other players are adapting to changes in your industry, you’ll be better prepared to take marketing actions that will help differentiate your business and make sales.

SEO is a process, not a task, and must be maintained on a regular basis for best results. Contact our marketing agency for details on how to implement an SEO strategy for your business today!