Just like you - we're driven by the desire to fight boring, to be the best, to challenge the same old way of doing things.

Cucumber was created [in 2008] as a place for highly-motivated individuals to live their talents, have the courage to try out crazy ideas and grow personally and professionally through their 9-to-5. Whether you are a potential client or a future Cucumber, be sure, your opinions will be challenged, your vision questioned and your success won’t happen overnight. It’s a lot of work to grow! But we are all over it! Are you?

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Your Team

Cucumber Helen

A.K.A. Director of Freshness

Helen ensures that our marketing strategies support our clients’ (immediate and future) business goals in the most nutritious way!

Cucumber Chris

A.K.A. Growth Manager

Chris ensures an impeccable execution of our marketing campaigns, so our clients know what they are getting and the team knows how to deliver the freshest results, on time and on-budget.

Cucumber Matthew

A.K.A. Designer of Freshness

Matthew’s focus is on UX/ UI design, to make sure our clients’ websites are freshly-amazing across all platforms!

Cucumber Derek

A.K.A. Marketing Grower

Derek plans, executes and maintains the day-to-day marketing campaigns that help our fresh clients grow.

Cucumber Lia

A.K.A. Designer of Freshness

Lia ties together the creative and strategic elements of our marketing offerings by ensuring all our creatives follow branding and design standards.

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