Wireframing and UX design

The marketing process is never by chance. Let's work together to grow your business!

Growth is one of our core value  and we exercise it daily by challenging each other to push our usual ways of thinking. We aim to provide a good balance between new ideas and trusted, proven industry tactics. Our clients are part of Team Cucumber and we want our processes to reflect that, always being open to their feedback and suggestions – we are positively obsessed with improving our processes.

Strategy, consultation & planning.

We want to get to the very core of the problem, before we suggest a solution.

For a little soul searching and review of your business goals, all projects start with a creative brief. Called an “eye-opening” process by our clients, this is where you start to think fresh and take a moment to look at your business from a different perspective.

All this good stuff will soon shape up into a tangible strategy, but first we must learn how your business works to make sure that our marketing initiatives have an immediate effect, but also provide a long-term support.

Putting ideas into practice.

The first step was knowing where we are going, now it's time to take action and do the work.

From pencil sketches to black and white digital mockups and wireframes, to full-colour finished designs. Whether a website or your awesome new packaging design or logo, we go through various stages of development to capture the essence and vision of your brand before launching the final product. Of course while all this work is going on, we’re communicating, reviewing and keeping you informed of the process.

Review, refresh, test & tweak.

After taking time to celebrate, we continue to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Whether we’ve just launched your new website and PPC campaign, or sent you the final files for your brand new logo, we won’t just release you into the wild. We provide grace periods for various projects where we monitor progress, make adjustments as needed and make sure everything is optimal before leaving everything in your (capable) hands.