Social Media Marketing Vancouver

Your customers are talking about you. Aren't you curious to know what they are saying?

We keep our social media human, complete with (at times) sad and curious smileys. Our social media marketing campaigns spread across the customer’s journey with content crafted for each stage.

Social Media

What to expect:

  • Being a social media manager can be a little bit overwhelming at times. Trends change every week and it can be challenging to create content that works equally well on all the platforms your audience uses. That’s exactly why we swear by our Editorial Calendar strategy.
  • Even though we call this service social media, this is really content marketing at its finest. But wait, there’s more! No, really! When you have your content marketing taken care of, you also cover your SEO (search engine optimization) bases, as well as branding and customer service (by listening and engaging with your customers consistently). Now, that’s cool!

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