Marketing and web design services in Vancouver | Cucumber Marketing

A good strategy shows in our marketing services.

Each brand needs a special kind of TLC to be amazing. What is your brand’s character? Is it loud and confident? Or is it reserved and curious? How about your customers? What are they up to? Let’s find out what makes them say “oh wow, I want this.”


How much are your services?

Our services are custom-made to the client’s objective. Charges vary according to the kind of time spent. (Drop us a line for a quick quote.)

Do you do custom projects?

We are specialized in a variety of services and we love new challenges. If it doesn’t fall in the usual categories, you can still contact us.

Do you provide print and billboard advertising?

Most of our clients are shifting towards digital platforms, however, print is still a good medium for some industries. Most likely, we will recommend having a well-rounded campaign that will include both, digital and print.

What is included in branding services?

Branding services include a complete BrandBook which includes a logo, basic brand stationery, design templates, brand dictionary, slogan, a detailed brand strategy. And a neat brand guide for future reference.

Will you work for clients outside Vancouver?

We currently have clients across Canada and the United States, but we are a softy for Vancouver.

How much time will my project take?

This will completely depend on the task at hand. We can also do time-based projects. In a hurry? Let’s chat about it!