Getting to Grips With SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever had trouble trying to find something around your home? Be it your car keys, wallet, or phone; nothing is more frustrating than trying to find something you swore was sitting in its usual spot.

Similarly, when you search for a service or product on Google, you expect the top of the results page to have exactly what you need. In fact, Google has spent decades crafting complex algorithms to ensure that the top search result is the best result for you. It’s in Google’s best interest to make sure that the searcher has the most consistent experience possible—no one likes digging around for something they need!

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the methods used to help raise a website’s visibility on the search engine results page (SERP). With over 70% of searchers only clicking on the top 3 search results, you want to make sure your website ranks high for your customers to be able to find it.

As a marketing agency, we can’t stress enough that SEO is a long-term marketing tactic that has to be supplemented with other, more immediate marketing channels like Google Ads. That being said, you have to invest in your SEO now if you want to see results in the future. 

Here’s what you can do today to start improving your SEO game. We’ve put together this beginner’s SEO guide to help you get started. Here are three crucial tips to help you take your first steps to the top of a Google search.

Choosing the Right Keywords:

Whenever you start an SEO project, one of your first steps will be selecting your targeted keywords. There are plenty of keyword research tools out there including free options, but our marketing agency in Vancouver uses SEMRush for its versatility and ability to track improvements.

When choosing keywords for SEO, you will want to find the right balance between relevance to your content, search engine traffic, and competition. For example, even if a keyword is relevant to your content, significant competition from high-authority brands could make it difficult for your site to get a foothold on the search results page. Finding more specific, long-tail keywords (such as “red basketball sneakers” instead of “shoes”) with traffic can help your site differentiate itself from the competition and quickly improve your search engine visibility.

Writing Optimized Content

Content is always king when it comes to SEO. The best way to get started with an SEO project is to simply start writing!

When writing content for SEO, always be sure to keep your selected keywords in mind. Your topic, title, metadata, and copy should all revolve around the keywords you are targeting. Be sure to include your keywords within your content as naturally as possible. “Keyword stuffing,” which refers to content that is purposefully crammed with keywords in hopes of getting higher rankings, can cause your site to receive a stiff penalty from Google. A great rule of thumb to keep you in Google’s good graces is to use keywords for only 1-2% of your content’s word count. 

Google also values the readability of your content when determining rankings. Simple, effective language and digestible formatting can make your content more user-friendly for potential readers. Try organizing your content using headers and including a picture or two to break up your text.

Tracking Your Results

Measuring marketing performance using metrics is key to keeping track of your project’s performance. By using a tool such as SEMRush, you can track the positions of your keywords and monitor the results of your SEO efforts. Having this information available can help you make strategic decisions such as focusing on a keyword that brings in the most traffic or switching your focus to a keyword that is on the verge of reaching the first page.

Search Engine Optimization with Our Vancouver Marketing Agency

Looking to get started with SEO? Not sure where to start? As a full-service digital marketing agency that provides SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more, we would be happy to help! Contact our marketing agency in Vancouver for a fresh marketing strategy that can bring your company into Google’s spotlight.