How Our Marketing Agency Creates Content For You

Problem, priority, process, progress: these are known as the “4 Ps” of our marketing agency. These foundational pillars help our clients succeed, no matter the industry or market conditions. 

The third P, process, is one that our clients love. We have numerous systems in place that allow us to create high-value, error-free content⏤the kind of content that turns consumers into customers. We want to share how our marketing agency works with clients to create content. If you have any questions about these processes, or how we can help your company grow, make sure to contact our marketing agency

Process is how we turn an idea into something beautiful. 

How We Write Blogs

Blogs are a staple of any content marketing strategy. If you’re not writing blogs on a consistent basis, you’re missing out on some significant benefits. Your blog can help enhance your branding, customer loyalty, SEO, and what matters most⏤sales. 

Before we write any blog content, we perform in-depth SEO keyword research. Only after identifying the most strategic SEO keywords can we begin to write content that appears high up on Google SERPs. The blogs contain these SEO keywords frequently and naturally, while also providing valuable information for your target demographic. 

Now we’ve got some keywords⏤woohoo! Now what?

Well, it’s time for a mix of research and creativity. We’ve got to come up with some compelling topics and perspectives that solve your customers’ problems, and that they will enjoy reading. With many of our clients, we create a Content Repository, which is kind of like a brainstorming document. Anytime someone has an idea for a blog, they can just write it in!

Here are some of the other strategies we use to come up with great blog ideas. 

Asking Your Audience

Go right to the source. Put out a social media post or email asking your target demographic what they want to know: What issues are they having? What are their pain points? What exciting ways do they use your product or service? It’s all gold, and it comes straight from your most loyal demographic. 

Idea Generators

There are so many different online tools for generating blog ideas. We won’t list them all, but SEMrush and Hubspot have some great free ones. While not perfect, they can certainly help get the creative juices flowing. 

Amazon Reviews

Do your competitors sell products on Amazon? Check out their 1-star reviews. What issues are customers having? What are their pain points? What trends do you notice? How can you solve these issues? All of these ideas are gold when it comes to blog topics. 

Write an “Ultimate Guide” or “Quick History” Blog

Ultimate Guides to “insert products and services” are typically top performers. Who doesn’t want to know every single thing there is to know about garden hoses in one place?

People also find quick history lessons interesting. A recent top performer for one of our clients was a short history of cataract surgery. Did you know that people were performing cataract surgery in Ancient Egypt? This content is tried and true. 

Check Out the Competition

What types of blogs are your competitors writing? How can you write something better? The idea here is NOT to copy what they wrote. While we have found that other agencies have copied our blog posts word for word on occasion, this isn’t exactly best practice. 

What you need to do is come up with an alternate spin on the topic. What did they miss? What opportunities did they leave you? Take it, and run with it. 

Now that we’ve got our blog written let’s think about social media.

How We Produce Social Media Posts

Social media is a great way to introduce your brand to new people. It’s a must in today’s digital world. While it’s not necessary to be on every single social media platform (there are a lot), you need to do some research to find out where your target demographic spends most of their time. By the way, you can always ask our marketing agency to do this for you⏤we are, after all, experts. 

We plan out social media posts well in advance. This gives our clients enough time to review, approve, and make suggestions to the posts without feeling rushed. Our marketing agency is quite organized! 

We create monthly Editorial Calendars which show every single post for all relevant social platforms in advance. The copy is written and optimized for each platform. The graphics are also made and optimized, and then our clients check it out. We then use social media scheduling tools to post and monitor social media feeds. 

To come up with social media posts, we like to identify any relevant key dates that might make for an engaging post. We also ask for client input to see what types of posts they would like to see. We do quite a bit of research to make sure that what we’re posting will be engaging, align with your brand values, and have a clear purpose.

Sometimes simple posts work best! Who doesn’t have an opinion on candy corn and fruitcake? Also remember to include a call-to-action in the copy.

How We Design Infographics

Another popular type of content that our marketing agency loves to create is infographics. If you’re not sure what an infographic is, check this out:

If you didn’t know anything about mineral processing, you do now! 

People love reading infographics, and for good reason. They are lovely to look at and have a ton of helpful information. What’s there not to like?

When we set out to create an infographic, we typically look at a blog or some other type of content that might look visually appealing. Not everything works as an infographic, so you’ve got to be selective on your topics. Our team of copywriters optimize text for the visual and speak with our graphic designer to discuss all aspects of the infographic. This is a team project!

We go through a few renditions to get it just right and client-ready. Then, after any internal/external feedback, we make the necessary changes and publish it as per the Editorial Calendar.

Infographics can be posted in blogs, on their own, or even broken up on social media feeds! This type of content has some longevity to it, that’s for sure. 

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