Web Design Predictions for 2020

Our marketing agency rounded up six web design predictions for 2020! 


Interactivity is trending! It could be as simple as a hover effect or an animation as the user scrolls. The interaction creates a dynamic feel to the website and makes it more fun for the user to navigate through the content! 

Portrait Images

Portrait (or vertical) photos are a great way to enhance your website’s look and feel. Using portrait images creates more horizontal space on the page. The extra space may be used for more images or text to complement the image. 

Oversize Text

Large text gives a strong vibe to any website. It’s a great way to use up whitespace and suggests a bold attitude. 


It seems as though this trend won’t be going away anytime soon. The use of whitespace makes it easier for users to absorb information and also allows for simple navigation of the site. Plus, a minimal design also makes the site look clean and streamlined. 

Dark Mode

With the introduction of “Dark Mode” for mobile devices, many people are giving it a try. We predict that this trend will continue in web design, as using dark backgrounds gives the user’s eyes a rest when looking at a screen for extended periods of time. 

Overlapping Layers

This was one of our favourite trends from 2019, and we think we will continue to see this trend throughout the new decade. 

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