How to Identify and Fix Marketing Problems

When was the last time you analyzed your brand strategy? 

Typically, businesses are so busy planning the next project that they lose sight of their business goals. They also don’t take the time to make sure they’re sending a consistent message across all marketing mediums, which can be confusing for customers. This is why one of the first steps our marketing agency takes when working with new clients is a detailed brand audit.

With this knowledge, we can address any glaring marketing errors before creating fresh marketing campaigns. 

A brand audit reveals a holistic view of your brand, how people perceive it, and where the opportunities lie among your competitors. We also check out your website to see where improvements can be made for SEO and UX purposes. 

If this already seems overwhelming, you might want to enlist the help of our professional marketing agency. We have access to the latest marketing tools to help analyze your content, website, SEO, and competition to identify any marketing problems you have and fix them. 

Identifying Marketing Problems

Before we start coming up with cool ideas to help your company grow, we need to focus on your marketing problems. We will thoroughly research four areas⏤brand, competition, website, and content⏤to find out where your problems lie. This information is all detailed in our brand audit.

Brand-Related Problems

  • Is your message clear and consistent among all customer touchpoints?
  • Does your brand message resonate with your key demographic?
  • Do your brand colours, taglines, and other brand elements align with your company’s values and goals?

Competition-Related Problems

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • How well known are they compared to you?
  • What are they currently doing that you aren’t?
  • Where can you capitalize on your competition’s missed opportunities?
  • How is your company different from your competitors?

Website-Related Problems

  • How is your SEO? Can customers find you on Google?
  • Is your website responsive?
  • Do customers find your site easy to navigate?
  • What kind of traffic does your site generate? Where are they coming from? Where do they go after?
  • Are customers bouncing from your site? If so, why?

Content-Related Problems

  • What content is performing well or underperforming?
  • Does your site contain content that matters most to your key demographic? Have you addressed their pain points?
  • Is your content SEO optimized?
  • Does your content align with your business goals?

Only once we’ve identified your marketing problems can we provide you with marketing services that provide the most benefit. For example, there’s no reason to create an incredible PPC campaign when your website is hard to navigate, causing people to bounce. You’ll end up paying a lot for traffic that won’t convert.

Our marketing agency has access to several high-end marketing tools, including SEMrush, Hotjar, Google Analytics, and more, to get deep insights into your marketing strategy. We provide our clients with quick and responsive turnaround times⏤something our clients love!

Start Working with a Professional Marketing Agency This Year

Are you looking to grow your business? Working with a marketing agency can help. We’ll start by identifying underlying problems you may not even realize are hurting your business. With this strategic approach, we’ll be able to help your company grow.  

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