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5 Signs That You Need to Redesign Your Website This Year

Why would you hire a marketing agency to redesign your website?

You should consider having a marketing agency design your website if you feel a need to realign your marketing strategy, to keep your messaging consistent, or update your existing processes. Is your website the first touchpoint for potential customers to learn about your business? Do you rely on your website to close sales? If your answer is “yes” to any or all of these scenarios, you should consider reaching out to our marketing agency!

It’s sometimes difficult to identify if you “need” to make a plunge into taking on a new project, especially one as important as updating the website you use and refer to on a daily basis.

With that in mind, here are 5 signs you should seriously consider redesigning your website in 2018:

1. Your Website Isn’t Attracting The Right Customers

One of our clients, Martin’s Forklift, came to us because they had a problem. Their existing website was not only 10 years old, but was attracting unwanted visitors to the site. They provide some of the best forklift training services to businesses in the Lower Mainland, but found that much of their day was communicating with clients who were actually students looking to gain forklift certification.

Their website was well-optimized for forklift training certification, but the content direction and call-to-action didn’t make it clear that they only worked with businesses to provide training to existing staff – not to independent workers.

By working with us to create a new website, not only did they receive a much-needed makeover on their decade-old site, but they noticed a significant drop-off of unwanted queries and an increase in new client leads after launching the site.

2. You Use Your Website To Close Sales

One of our more recent clients, eurocrete industrial flooring, serves clients throughout Canada and the US. We provided them with branded materials, from custom folders and letterhead, to business cards and data sheets.

One major point of concern was their website. While their branded material looked clean and professional, their website was not reflective of their printed sales copy.

It was difficult for the eurocrete sales team to pull up projects to showcase to their clients, when their website wasn’t optimized to pull images on their smartphone!

For eurocrete, it quickly became clear that they needed a new website. If your website is a major source of sales – you should consider making it as effective as possible!

3. You’re Losing Customers To Your Competitors

This point requires a bit of a caveat.

If your biggest marketing concern is losing sales to your closest competitor, you need to take a look at the key differences between your offered product(s) and service(s). What do they have, that you don’t? What are they doing, that you aren’t?

Often, it can be difficult to pinpoint a particular reason why your customers may be choosing your competitor over you. Perhaps your competitors have a more active social media presence, more traffic via paid advertising campaigns, or have higher-quality marketing messages that resonate with your audience.

What’s clear is if clients are actively choosing to go with a competitor, they’re making an active choice not to go with you. During the research process, your clients are likely reviewing your website alongside those of your competitors at the same time. This is the best opportunity to showcase your skills, benefits and values.

Not having an optimized website can be a game changer if your competitors seem like they’re a more reputable company with a better product. If your sales are plateauing – we highly recommend that you do some competitive research!

4. You Don’t Have A Marketing Plan

Hiring a marketing agency to build you a website is different from hiring a freelance web designer.

Whenever we offer a website design package, we don’t simply offer coding hours and time spent on design work. We perform market research, SEO keyword analysis, competitive research and create a content strategy before even designing the website wireframes.

If you don’t have a marketing plan put in place, working with a marketing agency is one of the best ways to ensure you’re on the right track to continued growth.

What are your marketing objectives in the next year? Two years? Five years? Take this opportunity to refresh your business from the inside out!

5. You’re Spending Too Much Time Putting Out Fires

There are two types of cost associated with any project: resources (time, money) that add value to the customer, and resources that don’t add value.

At our marketing agency, we believe in keeping our processes “lean,” meaning that we want to cut the fat from our daily work. We want every marketing dollar to be spent on items that will help our clients grow. We believe that a business that excels in providing value, will excel overall.

But when your website isn’t up to date, you’ll find your team working on items that don’t add value. Defunct plugins, confusing content, missing buttons, hidden sheets – a poorly designed website is harmful not only to your customers, but the team that maintains it as well.

If you find that you’re spending too much time “putting out fires” instead of working on providing value to customers, you might want to consider a new website!

At Cucumber Marketing, our goal is to help your business grow its online presence through social media and online advertising. We take care of the whole process – from creating brand identity and visuals, to designing and custom-coding your website. If any of the above points resonated with you, contact our marketing agency in downtown Vancouver for a free website audit today!