How to Avoid Common Web Design/Development Mistakes

Our marketing agency has created a thorough process when it comes to developing a website. It’s important to keep the following points in mind to avoid common mistakes in web development. 

Focus on the user experience

Make your website easy for your users to navigate. Know your focus, and help the user navigate toward their goal. Do you want to lead them to the contact page after reading about your services? Make sure there’s a “Contact Us” button at the end of the services description.

Make it accessible!

Remember to make your site inclusive. One way to do this is to ensure that alt=tags are used so that people with disabilities can enjoy your site as well!

Consistency is key

It’s important to think about what the user will find familiar, since this will ease the use of your website. For example, everyone knows that the hamburger icon indicates a menu. You can find this icon on many websites. You wouldn’t use a “caution” icon to indicate a menu, would you? That would confuse people! 

Which one makes more sense? 

Less is more 

Don’t let your website get too cluttered with information. It won’t look clean and it will be difficult for users to find what they’re looking for. Make sure there is a good use of whitespace throughout the site. 

Site Performance

Page speed is critical in website design. No one wants to wait too long for a website to load. In fact, people may just leave if they think your site is broken. That’s why it’s important to… 

Make it responsive 

Nowadays, people use mobile devices more than desktop computers when it comes to looking at websites. It’s critical that your site is responsive and can be viewed and used easily on smaller devices. You’ll need to test your website on a variety of browsers and devices that your audience may be using. Our marketing agency likes to use a tool called BrowserStack for testing. 

Maintain your website

After launch, it’s easy to feel like your website is done⏤hooray! But it’s important to make sure the site is well taken care of after launch. For example, you should consistently back up the website to ensure your content is safe in the case of emergency. You should also regularly update plugins and fix any website errors to keep the site running smoothly. Ensure that there are no broken links within your site. A tool our marketing agency likes to use is SEMrush, which can crawl  a site and let us know if there are any errors to be fixed.

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