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Digital Marketing & Generating Delight

When we draft our digital marketing process, we keep the end consumer in mind. As consumers ourselves, we try to ask the following questions:

When was the last time that you wanted to buy [a product] from an advertisement? How did you feel? What did you think of the product? Did you actually buy it?

Maybe it looked really cool (a car) or cute (a dress). Perhaps it served a function that was “just what you needed” at the time (a delicious burrito). Maybe it made so much sense that you’d question why you didn’t get it sooner (a time-saving app). Whatever your reason was, the advertisement “resonated” with you and just so happened to have the right message, at the right time, at the right place.

As a marketing agency in Vancouver, our goal is to create a spark that resonates between consumer and brand. We believe that one of the best ways to initiate this spark is through engagement and the generation of delight. What is delight and why is it used in advertising?

Branding is Everywhere

We’re constantly surrounded by branding. Even a child can name several hundred brands; imagine just how much branding we’re exposed to on a daily basis. There are so many decisions to make, and so many options to choose from, that we’ve been desensitized to the constant barrage of advertising messages. “Buy Now!” or “Great Value!” has very little impact as an advertising message if so many other brands are saying the same thing!

This is where delight comes in. We believe that delight works because it demands attention. When you’re thoroughly amused by something, you pay full attention to the experience and are much more likely to resonate with a particular message.

Delight comes in many forms. A funny advertisement is a classic example, but other examples include epic theatrics, quirky characters or fun designs. The end result is the same: if your customers respond with “Yeah, this is awesome! This is cool!” then you’re well on your way to generating delight.

Empowering Your Advocates

When a consumer feels genuine delight, they are naturally inclined to share the experience with their friends. Friends connect through fun experiences, after all! This concept of “sharing fun stuff” is the core foundation of viral digital marketing.

Social media empowers word-of-mouth by a thousand-fold. If your customers are saying great things about your products, let them know that you appreciate their feedback! If there’s a spreading concern about your product online, make sure to confront the issue before false rumours start to amplify. Remember that the online conversation will occur with or without you, so you may as well be there to provide an official stance on the issue.

Online Digital Marketing

In the end, your business exists to please your customers. The concept of delight is merely an affirmation that your product is working as intended; if your customers love what you’ve done, they’ll naturally gravitate to your brand. By actively seeking to generate delight in your campaign, you create a medium for engagement to empower your advocates.

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