Branding process

Grow your Brand: The Process

As a marketing agency, it’s easy for us to fall in love with branding strategy. It’s exhilarating to work on web design. We crave for testing digital marketing campaigns, and we never settle for mere adequacy. We are full of creativity, and bustling with productivity throughout the week.

We believe that merely showcasing your brand is not enough. Cut flowers are pretty, but they only last so long. Our services ensures that your brand – your precious flower, will grow, blossom, and propagate.

But how do we do it? What does the marketing process look like?

Amidst all of our recommendations and dozens of solutions, the basic process remains the same:

Your Branding at the Forefront

We always start our strategy with your branding in mind. If you don’t have one already, we create a Brand Book for you. What’s your brand personality? Is your brand quirky and fun? Cool and professional? How do you talk? If your brand were a person, what kind of a person would s/he be?

We draft logos and design strategies to enhance your brand, bringing your unique strengths to the table. Once we’ve designed your brand personality, logo, keywords and persona, we can move on to strategy.

Achieving your Marketing Goal

Every business has a goal. Are you trying to deliver the best customer experience? Become well known throughout the country? Begin with the end in mind. We map out your strategic goal(s) and create a marketing strategy to reach it. If you’re trying to reach more people, we might suggest an integrated social media strategy with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re looking to drive conversions, we might improve the customer experience of your website and landing pages.

We’ll often suggest many of these options in tandem because an integrated, cohesive marketing strategy is often much more effective than a marketing strategy that focuses on just one customer touchpoint. With your end goal in mind, we create a top-level marketing plan that ensures that all aspects of your goal are accounted for and will be met.

Getting Marketing to Work!

Creating a strategic marketing plan would be a useless project if we did not carry through with out suggestions. The next step after creating a marketing plan would be to create a list of monthly deliverables. You want to create a social media following? Cool. How many people are you expecting? How are you going to reach them? What are you going to say? Exactly which day will you do it?

Strategy is useless without proper execution. By planning the specific deliverables and the time(s) those deliverables are launched, we ensure that our strategy sticks through to the end.

Marketing Management is Key

So you have a goal, we’ve gone to work and we’ve done our job. Great. But what makes it a good job? We look back to your strategy. Were you looking for reach? We’ll track overall impressions. Were you looking for engagement? We’ll track activity and clicks. What if you’re simply looking for an increase in sales for the biggest bang for your buck? We’ll track ROI and conversion metrics.

The bottom line is, everything is just talk until the numbers come in. By delivering through key performance indicators (KPI’s) on a regular basis, we make sure that we’re even more of a bite than we are bark. The KPI report is a tool we use and send to clients on a monthly basis. Depending on the results of our campaigns, we may discover opportunities that will further your strategy even more!

Interested in connecting with us? We’d love to talk more about our services and how we can help your business grow! Visit our marketing agency in Vancouver! We always have chocolate. (Proof below.)

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