Web Design in 2015

Marketing has evolved rapidly since the creation of the Internet and it is not stopping anytime soon.

Web design has become an increasingly relevant topic, as businesses work to stay relevant in the digital age. The bar is constantly getting set higher for web designers and developers to create the best websites. With new techniques around each corner, there is endless possibilities as to what a website can do for a user.

Ever wonder why there are so many browser updates? They are constantly opening doors to improve user experiences and give developers new technologies to create more complex websites.

Things to look out for

Less clicking

That’s right. Things will happen more intuitively then they have before. Hovering will become more widely used to display new content.
This site is an extreme example of how hovering can work to navigate a website: http://www.dontclick.it/


There are so many different ways to animate websites. Whether parallax scrolling or simple button animations, they make the experience so much better. Take the following animation as an example… so simple but somehow so engaging. Hover over the blocks.

Disclaimer: This is where the browser spiel comes in affect again. This animation bellow will not work in older browsers… Time to upgrade!

Longer Websites

Long scrolling designs will become more prominent. The logic: It is easier to scroll through a page then to click into multiple ones.

MORE Background Videos

Subtle videos in the background of websites have a huge impact on users. They bring the cool factor. Check out AirBnb as a great example of how to use a video to compliment the website. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so how much do we get for a video?!?


Text is decreasing and the images are taking over. Full width will become common as they feel expansive and have a greater impact.


With less text, there is greater opportunity to dress up small portions of copy. Expect LARGER and BOLDER.

2015 standards

Responsive design

It will be more of a surprise if a website does not shrink down to different browser screen size, then if it does.

Websites that load faster

Even the flashiest websites can be optimized to load faster. Developers are mastering techniques to improve page speed loading.

The world of websites is changing so fast, it’s time to keep up! See how we can help you keep up with web design industry standards. Visit our Marketing Agency today!