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Writing for Social Media

Aren’t words fascinating? I bow in awe and gratitude in front of those people who are naturally good with words. Words are so powerful. Words can make us feel good. They can make us look bad. They inspire and constrict. In marketing – words are the (s)words (!) that could cut your revenue in half in no time. Or they could make you money. But how do you ensure your social media content gets noticed?

If you are engaging in social media marketing – on your own, or by hiring a marketing agency – you might look at your words from a different angle, when you know how to use them right. Write?

Writing a book, a blog post or writing content for social media are all close enough tasks, yet they hold a different level of impact on the reader. More so their preparedness to actually read your content. Here are the 6 quick tips, to inspire you to write a more impactful copy for your readers. While achieving your own business goals through social media marketing.

1.Write to engage

Remember, you are not writing an article for the Guardian, make sure you engage with your audience – that’s the point of social media. Ask questions, give examples, get people’s feedback or their opinion. A simple call-to-action, such as: did you know? what do you think? please share? like if___, could be the tipping point that brings your engagement level up. The more people are talking about your content, the more visibility your business gets.

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2. Get personal

Why should your audience care about your social media content? Write something they can relate to. Be practical, and provide useful content. A specific tip, hint, fact, statistic, action item could be something that is helpful to your audience, and promotes you as the expert in your area. 

3. Have goals in mind

This one, really, should have been #1. What are you trying to achieve with your social media marketing? Set goals before you write. Maybe loose goals… but growth goals. Don’t get yourself in the corner, by suffocating your creativity for the sake of your goals. But do have some rock-solid vision of what you want to receive in return for putting your energy out there, in the social universe.

4. Ask and you shall receive

Ask your people to share your content. As simple as it sounds, you will increase your sharing rate dramatically by simply asking people to spread the word about your content.

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[Tweet “28% of retweets happen due to an inclusion of “Please RT””]

5. Stay on top of it, be nice and reply

Make sure you reply to all comments. Otherwise, why did you write your content in the first place?

6. Think fresh

Naturally. Write from your own experience. That way your social media content will be authentic and interesting.

What’s your social media strategy? What’s your story? Do share your social media channels in the comments area below. We’ll check it out, and comment… on your writing.