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A quick guide on how to be a smart marketer.

What does it mean to be a smart marketer?

What does it mean – a natural way of marketing? Well, it’s marketing without marketing, really. It’s when people connect with you (and buy from you, of course) without that aftertaste of being used or manipulated into that purchase.

Time is Money

Time is money. Because if you market during the right time, you will make money. Click To Tweet

It was a cold Friday night, and I needed to get a few items at the local grocery store. When I was done shopping and was checking my purchases at the counter I realized that 90% of my purchases were junk food – chocolate, cookies, chips, salsa, etc. That was not my regular shopping bag collection, and I commented about that to the sales associate. Her comment was: “Well, it’s a Friday night after all.”

That made me thinking. I am a huge data and research addict. I love pondering on cause and effect and everything “human behaviour.” I guess this is why I do what I do. I would love to know shopping statistics and patterns for grocery stores. As you might guess, Fridays are probably big on junk / comfort food. January is huge for gym signups. Halloween is a popular day for pizza sales.

When I started thinking about it, it really is all pretty obvious and common sense, but how often do you personally use this behavioural patterns knowledge in your day-to-day marketing?

The truth is, marketing is getting so busy and so noisy (with all the social media marketing options), we (marketers, entrepreneurs, business development gurus) often tend to lose the essence of what we do. The motivation behind our work and deep analysis behind our marketing actions. We often go with the flow of what is trending or popular at any given point in time, forgetting about those marketing fundamentals that are available for your business. No matter what industry you are in.

So how and when do you market your products / services? Do you place your marketing message strategically at the moment when your potential customer needs it the most. When he / she would be the most responsive to your marketing.

Know the Best Time

Know the best time to come and talk to your customer, and this saying will, all of a sudden, have a very tangible meaning for you and your business.