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Cucumber Marketing has a superb team of professionals. They are very responsive and helpful from start of the project to launch. We couldn't have done any better looking for a marketing team who is aligned with our company vision and mission.

Love is a choice. It's a choice we make every day to love our family, friends and the work we do. Oh, and our pets too.

petrapeutics® is a new brand with a lot of heart. They came to us for new brand development, an e-commerce website and social media management. What they got was a cohesive marketing strategy, and an engaged fan base with a whole ‘lotta love.

What’s in a name? Only everything.

We created the brand name petrapeutics® from a combination of Pet + Therapeutic, capturing the vision of the product in one easy-to-remember name. Then, we crafted the packaging design and e-commerce website to showcase the brand message.

Once we had a great product and an awesome platform, it was time to nurture and educate their new brand enthusiasts.

petrapeutics mobile website design

3,000 Engaged Followers in 4 Months

petrapeutics® has a strong brand and a clear message: Love is a choice, and while pets love us humans unconditionally, we have the responsibility to choose what’s right for them.

Building their fanbase was our top priority. Using our Editorial Calendar method to outline engaging topics throughout each month, we engaged a growing social media audience on Facebook and Instagram, while directing qualified visitors to their website via Google AdWords.

Instagram engagement with customers

Sending Holiday Greetings to Customers

We took the holidays as an opportunity to indulge in some direct marketing and make petrapeutics®’ customers feel special. We designed holiday postcards and printed them on 100% recyclable Kraft paper to go with the brand’s herbal and natural outlook. We wanted our postcards to subtly encourage the customers to review us but mostly, we just wanted to make them smile. And we slipped in a coupon code which could reward them for their second purchase.

Holiday postcard design and marketing outreach for petrapeutics

Breaking into Retail

When it was time to prepare petrapeutics® for its retail break we wanted to make sure our product display design was just perfect. We knew multi-brand retail stores would be stocked up with other pet supplements with a bigger product range. We used the brand’s bold and colorful style to make our product dispenser stand out and included a 1-2-3 process to make it easier for pet owners to understand how the supplements will work. The petrapeutics® product display looks like a complimenting extension of the product itself.

Retail counter display design for petrapeutics

Close up of product display case designed for petrapeutics