Little Hipsters logo designed in Vancouver

Logo Case Study – Little Hipsters

Little Hipsters is an organization developed out of the need for parents raising kids diagnosed with hip dysplasia to be connected to one another.

Based in Vancouver, BC, the entire concept is made for parents to connect through their website, and to build a community where possible. The main purpose is to help parents make this time in their life a positive experience for everyone. The organization’s owner, Kelli is herself a mother of 2 beautiful hip dysplasic kids and came up with the company name after she started calling them her Little Hipsters. For her, it is important for every parent to be their Little Hipsters hero.

Their initial requirement was to have one main platform; a website, where all the useful information is gathered. Little Hipsters also needed a logo adapted to them that was able to speak instantly and connect the parents, staying true, but positive, to the situation.

Whilst learning about Kelli’s story and seeing pictures I was fascinated right away by the fact that they had to custom everything to provide a life for their kids without making them feel limited. As hip dysplesia is about the connection between the leg to the hip by the articulation of the femur bone in the socket, I was naturally playing with the letter ‘H’ and a way to connect it in my sketches.


I isolated 2 concepts: having a logo mark composed by the custom-made shape of the little boy’s table and a logotype build out of the connection of ‘L’ and ‘H’.
Digitalizing those two concepts lead to a third one, adding an X-ray treatment to the mixed concepts. The association of all those elements made the logo coherent and familiar.

This final logo has become a great representation of the brand.


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