French fries or chips - the importance of marketing terminology

The power of chips…I mean words!

Recently, I had a naughty craving for some chips, whilst on my lunch break. Now chips in the land where I come from (England) translates to you as french fries.

Chips, chips, chips that’s all I had in my sights as I waked into a cafe to fulfill my craving. Directing to chips on the menu, I said to the waitress ‘Please may I have some chips to take away?’

On my way back to the office I started to question to myself the weight of the bag, these chips are incredibly light! Maybe I have just become stronger, that gym pass is really paying off!

Disappointment is a broad term, but to justify my excitement of satisfying my craving, I opened the box to discover tortilla crisps (Click. That’s what you call chips). Disappointment was an understatement. WHY DID THE DIFFERENCE IN TERMINOLOGY NOT OCCUR TO ME AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME!?

I failed to mention I asked for cheese, so I paid 1 dollar extra to add some dry powdered grated cheese to my unwanted dry tortilla crisps. To add salt to the wound, I am wheat-free, so I spent money on something I didn’t want and was unable to eat.

Now I’m all about putting things in life into perspective, so this is a very minor situation and to be honest, I am appreciative for food in general as I often think about people who are less fortunate.

HOWEVER, the reason behind telling you my story is to portray the importance of being accurate with words, with content, to avoid miscommunication, and this fits directly into marketing your brand, whether it be through social media, website content or print material.
Ensure every word you use correctly expresses the message you are aiming to portray. But the main message here is to be mindful of your target audience, what phrases and words they use and what would appeal to them and their emotions.

You will be delightful to know, one of my strengths is to learn from my mistakes, so I shall also be taking my advice into account when marketing.

Tip 1: be mindful of the terminology you use when targeting your audience.

Tip 2: don’t buy food in a rush.