How To Find Your Brand’s Digital Community

Did you know that more children want to become content creators than astronauts nowadays? Well – It’s no big news that social media is dominating how we do marketing and changing how businesses communicate with their customers. The importance of online communities keeps growing and evolving and before we realize it, our digital lives will become just as important as our physical lives. Being part of a community, and feeling connected to that community is part of who we are as human beings regardless – nowadays – if that community is online or physical. 

As a business manager, an important question you should be asking yourself is who are the leaders of these communities? And why should my business know who they are and eventually try to get in touch with them? 

Our marketing agency has the answers to these questions (and more!) below. Ready? Let’s grow!

How To Find My Digital Community? 

The first step to finding your digital community is understanding that your followers are not necessarily your community. 


It’s simple! Just because people follow you on social media and consume your content, that doesn’t mean that they are a group that supports and engages with your brand. As a business, you need to do some research and find a community that already exists outside of your brand and connect with their leader. You’ll then become part of a group of people who share the same values as your company and who resonate with the problem your business is trying to solve. And the only way to find those communities is to get active on social media and explore!

Who are the leaders of digital communities? 

The leaders of digital communities are those people who other social media users look up to and “follow” what they say. Their opinion of your brand will weigh on how users engage and interact with it. 

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There are two types of leaders: influencers and creators. Most internet users will think they are the same, but as a marketing agency, we can assure you they are not. 

Interested in knowing more about how to connect with customers through user-generated content in Vancouver? We’ve got you covered. 

Influencers vs. Content Creators

The main difference between influencers and content creators is how they interact with digital communities. 

Influencers build communities around themselves. They use platforms such as Instagram and Youtube to build their personal brand and ‘influence’ people through their regular posts. They have built a reputation for their expertise on a specific subject. Influencers are great for reach and brand awareness as they usually have a high number of followers, but they don’t build as much trust with users as content creators do. 

Why Influencer Marketing is Important and How SMBs Can Get Started Today. Site Seeker.

Content Creators are people who produce content for an existing group. They are popular amongst a community and tend to reach audiences who resonate with them. Moreso than influencers, content creators will teach you what resonates with the community you’re trying to reach. Partnering with them also means that you have to trust them and allow them to have the autonomy to create content with your brand as they see fit. 

Digital lives are becoming more in-line with our real lives than ever before. The importance of online communities keeps increasing and the solution to that is for your company to work with content creators, or influencers, depending on your business goal. Want more brand awareness and reach? Go for influencers. Want to connect with new audiences, earn their trust? Start searching for content creators! 

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Thanks for reading, and keep it cool!