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How Marketing Geotargeting Can Expand Your Audience

You’ve probably noticed after searching for a product or service online (say a nintendo switch for example), that you’re bombarded with social media ads for that specific product, or something similar. You may have also noticed ads promoting a local business in your area, related to a particular interest you have, like that yoga studio down the street you’ve been meaning to try. 

The growth of digital marketing means marketers now have immense global platforms with opportunities for rapid expansion, but as the market grows noisier, it’s more important than ever to create personalized and authentic connections with your customers. The important question to ask yourself is who exactly you want to see your ads, and how can you achieve that? 

That’s where geotargeting comes in. Read on to learn how your marketing agency can use geotargeting to deliver the right message at the right time. 

What Exactly is Geotargeting? 

Simply put, geotargeting is a form of digital marketing that uses location data to display ads to the appropriate audience based on geographic location and behaviour. Geotargeting can use both real-time location and historical location, which means it’s going to reach people searching for “coffee shop near me” when they’re in the area, as well as those who actually live in the area and aren’t just passing by. 

The beauty of geotargeting is that it’s beneficial for both parties, consumer and marketer. Consumers can discover new brands through geotargeting that fit both their lifestyle and interests, and in return, marketers gain a new customer!

If you’re curious about the privacy regulations in digital marketing, no worries, we’ve got you covered! And remember, being curious as a marketer is essential for growth. 

How Can Geotargeting Benefit You?

Geotargeting can work for any marketing agency, but it’s most beneficial when it’s used as an additional layer of advertising. Think of geotargeting as one layer in a big tiered cake, it looks really impressive when it’s stacked with other layers, but would be much less exciting on its own. Make sense? Cool.

The benefits?

  • Increase brand awareness 

Building strong brand awareness takes time and is the most crucial component to your brand’s success. Brand awareness refers to the level of recognition consumers have towards your brand, products, and services. By using geotargeting, your ads are being shown to people in the area and interested in what your brand has to offer, likely resulting in better word of mouth and positive brand recognition, ultimately leading to increased sales. 

  • Improve user experience

Geotargeting improves the user experience given the ads are personalized and feel like a natural fit to the consumer. Personalized ads bring value to the consumer as they may solve a problem, provide a better alternative than what is currently offered, or simply provide enjoyment. A recent study (by ​​Accenture) shows that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember them and provide relevant offers and recommendations. Showing your ads to the right audience matters!

  • Use your budget effectively

Advertising to the correct audience leads to higher conversion rates, therefore geotargeting helps you to spend your marketing budget in a more purposeful and effective way.

  • Build brand loyalty

Targeting like-minded people who share similar interests and who live in the same area as one another helps build authentic connections between consumers of your brand, and will help develop positive associations with your brand and build its community. Another great way to build brand loyalty is through sharing positive consumer reviews in your advertising, to show that you value your customers and their involvement in your brand. Remember to stay authentic to your brand to attract the right potential customers, and to show your appreciation for those who support you, always!

Are you curious to learn more about using geotargeting to help expand your audience? Reach out to our marketing agency in Vancouver or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn- we would love to discuss all things growth!  

Thanks for reading, and keep it growing!