How brand transparency can build customer loyalty

These days, many products and services are widely available. With all the options consumers can choose from, it can be difficult to decide where they should be purchasing or getting their services from. How can you market your brand to stand out from the crowd? Did you know brand transparency is one of the biggest deciding factors?

According to Sprout Social’s 2018 report, 53% of the 1000 U.S. consumers they surveyed are more likely to consider brands that are transparent on social media.

What is Brand Transparency?

Brand transparency is when a company shows its true colours. Being honest about their products/services, showing how they treat their employees, sharing the environment they work in, and promoting their beliefs and values.

So why is transparency marketing so important?

86% of people will move on to a competitor if they lack transparency.

Promoting brand transparency is important because it allows people to see what kind of company they are supporting. They want to be able to trust a company, otherwise, they will move on to the next.

How can you show consumers they can trust you through transparency marketing?

Be honest

81% of people believe businesses should be transparent on social media, while 45% expect it.

What are your products made of? How are they made? Are you making an impact on the environment? These are questions that people consider when deciding between brands. Don’t wait for them to ask, be truthful. When you show how open your company is, your audience will gain trust and know that your brand is reliable.

Frank and Oak shares what materials they use for their products, how it’s made and the environment of their facilities.

Share your values

Be open about your brand’s values. Share your workplace, your core values and how you treat your employees. Let them know you care about the environment and what you’re doing to help. People with the same beliefs and values can relate to your brand and will want to support your company.

37% of people would spend more on brands that are more transparent on social media

Patagonia is known for sharing their beliefs and values, and their audience who have the same ideology support them.

Own up to mistakes

If a business has a history of being transparent, 85% of people would give them a second chance after a bad experience.

If your company is facing bad publicity, don’t try to hide it, acknowledge the problem and find a solution. If a customer left a bad review about your business, don’t delete it. Instead, reply and figure out a way you can help. Other people will notice and will appreciate the effort. They will know that your brand makes customers a priority, that you want to keep them happy.
When our client, Three Foragers, received a review from a customer concerned about beekeeping practices, we didn’t delete the comment. Instead, we listened and provided feedback. The individual was concerned that producing honey was harming the bees, but this is not true. So, we decided to promote an infographic, showing facts and educating the audience.

Using social media marketing

37% of people would purchase more from a brand that is more transparent on social media.

Share what your company does on social media. Show the people that are part of the company, the fun work environment, the events you go to and support. Make videos, take pictures, talk about your experiences. Show your authenticity. This will attract customers and they will likely consider your brand in the future.

Everlane is well-known for its transparency marketing. They proudly advertise the true cost of their products, and respond to customer concerns!

Do you want your brand to be more transparent? Are you having trouble finding your brand values? Are you dealing with negative reviews? Stop by our marketing agency and let’s chat! (P.S. We always have chocolate.)