Branding – living your brand values every day

What does branding mean to you?

Branding is not just about putting your logo all over the place – it’s about living your brand and showing it through the actions you take. If you promote enthusiasm with your brand, I hope this enthusiasm also holds true in the workplace.

At Cucumber Marketing, we always find a way to live and breathe the branding experience. Our core values are enthusiasm, thirst for learning, genuine care, and growth. What better way to show our enthusiasm than with an Easter egg hunt?

Last Friday, we took some time to go on an egg hunting adventure within the office. Eggs were hidden in areas that represented our core values, and our efforts to find the elusive prizes were rewarded with chocolate goodness.

Branding - Cucumber Marketing

We believe that branding is a discipline. It takes time to develop, and must be lived from the inside out-in everything a company does. We surround ourselves with our core values, and strive to live them each and every day:

  • Genuine Care – We truly care about the growth of your business. We keep a fresh eye on your business environment, and let you know about opportunities and threats.
  • Thirst for Learning – There is always a new way to improve. With every campaign we run, we bring years of experience to the table with a dash of innovation – how else do you improve unless you find ways to innovate?
  • Enthusiasm – We live branding, and breathe marketing. What we do keeps us excited, and helps us keep things fresh so we can help you grow.
  • Growth – Everything we do is focused on growth. Whether we’re growing your customer pool, improving conversion rate or increasing your social media reach, we work hard to ensure that growth is shown in spades.

We believe that your brand is the center of your success, and that brand-focused marketing is the best way to grow your business. Do you agree with us? Give us a visit at our agency in downtown Vancouver, and let’s chat about how to grow your business. Maybe you’ll even find a chocolate egg of your own!

Branding as a Discipline