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Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy: 3 Tips from a Marketing Agency

As any marketing agency will tell you, diversifying your marketing strategy is a great option for growing your business. With COVID-19 dramatically changing the way we shop, communicate, and live, businesses across the globe are diversifying how they communicate with their clients. If you are looking to diversify your marketing efforts, our marketing agency recommends giving these strategies a try!

Trying a New Platform

With the dramatic uptick in online sales and social media usage since the start of COVID-19, businesses that had previously relied on traditional methods of marketing might be looking to transition to digital advertising. However, digital marketing platforms are not a one-size-fits-all solution! Whether you are deciding which social media platform to pursue, considering SEO or Google Ads, or anything in between—there is a ton to consider when trying out a new platform.

A great way to figure out which platform is right for you is to look at how customers are currently finding your business through an analytics platform such as Google Analytics. You can also use free tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find out what people are searching for and how many people are searching.

Is there plenty of search traffic for your product? SEO and Google Ads might be a great fit for you!

Is your product something new and you are looking to get the word out? Social media might be the right option to pursue!

Whichever platform you choose, be sure to monitor marketing KPI metrics so you can determine the effectiveness of your new strategy.

Communicating in a New Way

COVID-19 has changed the way marketers are communicating with clients. More than ever, a level of empathy and situational awareness is crucial for making sure your efforts leave the right impression. For example, if your marketing messaging has historically revolved around socializing or group gatherings, you are going to need to approach your audience in a new way. 

Even if your marketing strategy doesn’t require an overhaul, slight adjustments to language and tone can make all the difference to your marketing messaging. Providing a more personalized touch in your messaging and communication points can go a long way towards making your audience feel understood and appreciated.

Targeting New Audiences

For businesses just starting out, generalizing your marketing efforts in order to cast as wide a net as possible seems like a great idea. All business is good business, right? While this might be alright when starting out, to really grow your business and make the most of your ad dollars you will want to find and target audiences.

A great way to find a new audience is by simply looking for commonalities within your current client base. Whether it’s by occupation, location of residence, or age, use whichever common characteristics you can find in your client base to create a new audience. Once you have sizeable audiences identified, craft separate marketing strategies that cater to each of those audiences. By creating unique marketing strategies for each audience, you can ensure that your marketing is as relevant as possible to your clients.

However you choose to diversify your marketing, the key is to always iterate, adapt, and keep your strategies fresh. Looking to diversify your marketing but not sure where to start? Our marketing agency in Vancouver is always available to help!