How to identify your target audience the fresh way.

As a marketer you know that you have to have a specific target audience in mind, so you tailor all of your marketing towards their needs and wants. But how do you actually define and stick to that ONE (?) target audience, if your business (really) doesn’t have that one, clearly defined audience?

Can this be true, that you might have multiple target audiences and that they might change from time to time?

I say absolutely.  Moreover, this is exactly what holds many companies back – the fact that they stick to one demographic for way too long, without keeping their marketing fresh, and thinking of new ways of expanding their audience.

In this day and age of speed and acceleration, businesses must move quickly, otherwise they will be left behind. Many industries are noticing dramatic changes to not only how marketing, but how business is done as a whole – subsequently forcing them to change their business models. And THAT’S fresh!

For instance, we often get asked if we, as a marketing agency, have a core target audience we tailor our services to. We say yes and no. In our particular case – every business needs marketing, and business is businesses – so technically any business could be our client (or rather anyone who fits the “cool mold” that is! ;).

That being said, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities and areas where we can be of help and make the biggest impact for our clients.

Here are 3 ways to identify your current target audience:

  1. You share similar values 
  2. You see growth potential for their industry 
  3. You have the capacity and the desire to focus on this industry at the moment

In our case, as a marketing agency in Vancouver, we see a great growth potential in a few areas – industrial businesses, real estate and retail.

Marketing for Industrial Companies

This “old school” sector is way overdue for a brand refresh! These companies have been in business for a while – they know their stuff, but don’t have the time for marketing. We offer full-service marketing approach – a brand refresh, web design and ongoing marketing management, to make sure nothing slips, and all marketing communications stay fresh and cool.

Marketing for Real Estate Companies

As you know, real estate in Vancouver is a hot topic. With the obvious market shifts on the horizon, we see an immediate need for real estate companies (REALTORS, strata management companies, developers) to pay more serious attention to their brand. As we always say – the future of marketing is branding. Brand recognition and brand loyalty will be essential for anyone in the real estate sector, more than ever.

Marketing for Retail Companies

We’ve spoken about e-commerce and retail marketing in general over the years, and it’s interesting to see how the industry is changing. With the rise of online and social shopping, the need to evolve cannot be underestimated. Brand visibility, reputation and overall customer experience (which circles back to well thought-out brand policies and procedures) is what retail businesses need to put their attention towards.

If you are in any of these industries – how do you stay on top of the game? Share with us in the comments on Facebook or Instagram.

And what’s on your marketing mind these days? Want to chat? Give us a call or stop by our Vancouver office – we always have chocolate.