How do you choose a marketing agency?

Launching a new (web) design project into the world is a happy day for us, but our marketing hearts are exceptionally full when we get a positive feedback directly from our clients! A growth-driven marketing package usually takes about 6 months to execute, so we do get to know the business quite well during this time, as it’s a highly collaborative process. Naturally, after being in it together for the duration of the project, we are rooting for the business to succeed and see the results of our work after the first phase of the project is over.

Here’s what one of our cool marketing clients got to say about the process from their point of view.

Q: What was your biggest fear before hiring Cucumber? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

A: Employing yet another marketing expert who touches on all our pain points but who fails to deliver results and fruitlessly eats into cash flow. While our campaign Cucumber was the most cash we’ve laid out for any single marketing initiative, I feel it was money well spent and necessary to tighten up the brand aspects, which were achieved. There is a fine line between mediocre and exceptional and I feel that the results fall on the side of exceptional.

Q: What, specifically, was your favorite part of working with us, and why?

A: The fact that you have a process to which you rigidly adhere, that is thoughtful, detailed, and goal driven turned out to be a reliable and trustworthy aspect of our relationship. We all want to find that one contractor, in any given field, that we can call on time and again without having to put our time and energy on the line. That is what I have in you.

Q: If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

A: I would say “how much value would you put on peace of mind?”. I would then point them to Cucumber and I’d say “go ahead, relax”.


Awww… thanks, Mike! We don’t want to come across as softies, but you just totally melted out hearts!