7 Awesome Local Web Design Examples for Your Vancouver Business

Starting any web design project can be daunting. With a blank page and endless options, where do you even begin? The truth is, nothing in the world is created from scratch.

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

Carl Sagan

Everything is a remix. So don’t feel afraid to take web design inspiration from other businesses. This isn’t your license to copy competitors. Instead, look to entirely different industries. There are great things happening in web design no matter the business.

Want to take the web design for your Vancouver business to the next level? We’ve collected our favourite examples of web design from local companies to help you do just that.

Use icons to break up your content

Many things make your business unique. So filling your pages with paragraph after paragraph can be awfully tempting. But often, less is more. If you need help separating the wheat from the chaff, let a digital marketing agency handle your copywriting.

Then, take things a step further. Bullet points are the first step to make copy easily scanned. But why leave it at that? Icons add understanding and visual flair.

Jag Fabrication Icon Graphic Design
Jag Fabrication draws on unique icons to explain stainless steel benefits.
Nannies On Call Requirements Icons
Nannies On Call uses fun icons to make requirements easy to understand.

Explore your space with a custom map

Is your business brick and mortar? Map search is a great way to add interaction to your website and increase foot traffic. Whether you have a single store for your visitors to explore or a directory of locations to browse, maps can be custom designed to fit your business goals.

Fort Park Real Estate Listings design
Fort Park Real Estate makes finding a home easy with this custom searchable map.
Robson Street Business Map
Robson Street Business Association lets visitors explore businesses with ease.

Guide your users at the end of each page

Sure, your website has a menu in the header and another one in the footer, but have you considered the website as a whole? Understanding your user flow is key. Effective website design guides your visitors to conversion. This kind of content strategy is fundamental to the process for our web design company. Don’t let visitors get to the bottom of your page without a clear call to action.

Jag Fabrication footer call to action design
Jag Fabrication guides users to the next steps at the end of each page.
Eurocrete footer website design
Eurocrete make contact easy before the footer on every page.

Add some fun with patterns and textures

Patterns can easily add interest and fun to your web design. We don’t see many patterns on websites these days, and so a little can go a long way. Consider what simple elements could act as motifs to carry your brand from one page to the next.

Nannies On Call Hiring Website Design
Nannies On Call use patterns, borders and textures to make things fun.
Imagine Service promo website design
Imagine Services use a sunshine ray pattern throughout their website to make things shine.

Be personal from the get-go

Major corporations make most of the headlines. But did you know that 98% of all businesses in Canada are small businesses? Chances are your operation is a close-knit team. So why do we all so often emulate these companies and try to present our businesses as faceless entities? Don’t be afraid to get personal – put the humans front and centre.

Morris Law Hero Banner Web Design
Morris Law Real Estate Lawyers stand proudly on their homepage.
Imagine Services Landing Page Design
Imagine Services mix illustration with their smiling faces bring a friendly approach.

Let the whitespace do the work

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

More can always be added to any web design, but what you refrain from can say so much more. Don’t be afraid of whitespace. Embrace the ’emptiness’. By keeping some breathing room in mind, you can create a more mindful and luxurious appearance.

Jag Fabrication Web Design
Jag Stainless Steel Fabrication uses whitespace to place the focus on their product.
Robson Street Home page web design
Robson Street Business Association uses whitespace to make their headline standout.

Don’t be afraid to get local

Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to get personal, you shouldn’t be afraid to get local either. Playing pretend as an international entity won’t do you any favours when you’re a local Vancouver business. Instead, lean into your homegrown roots. As Canadians and Vancouverites, we have plenty to be proud of.

Fort Park Real Estate Features Local Neighbourhoods
Fort Park features landing pages for all of their locations in the Vancouver area
Robson Street Features Local Business
Robson Street Business Association puts a focus on local business

There is always so much more to explore in the world of web design, but this should give you a good place to start when you’re brainstorming the next website project for your local business.

What’s your favourite design pattern from the list? We’d love to hear! Give us a call or drop by our marketing agency in Vancouver. We’re happy to chat, and we always have chocolate.

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