5 Steps For Creating a Purposeful Marketing Plan

New year, new you, right? What about a new marketing strategy? If you don’t already have your marketing plans and tactics nailed down yet—no marketing shaming here! It’s still January, so you still have time to set your marketing goals for the year and set the course for all of your exciting marketing initiatives in 2021. Remember! Marketing is just like emotional eating—it’s way too easy to get snacking on too many unhealthy treats! Before you know it, you develop unhealthy eating habits. Let’s not do that with marketing, ok? No more emotional marketing spending! Let’s chart the course and have a purposeful and productive year, shall we?! 

To get you started, here’s a quick outline of what you will want to think about. Use this as a template to set the direction and add clarity as to what you are offering, who needs to buy it, and why they should do so. Once you are clear on your marketing plan, jump into marketing tactics and decide how you will reach your target audience and how you will measure your success. 

Good luck and happy growing! 🙂

  1. Offering and USP (unique selling proposition)  
  • Services you would like to promote 
  • What are the main benefits (not features!) of your services you would like to highlight 
  • What problems you are solving with your services/products for your clients 
  • What messaging appeals to your target audience 
  1. Goals 
  • What are you aiming to achieve—be as specific as possible here! 
  • Leading indicators (traffic to your website, calls, time people spend on your site)
  • Lagging indicators (revenue, sales, form sign-ups on your website)
  1. Customers
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What is their age, profession, industry, interests 
  • What are their pain points (i.e. what is the problem that you will be solving for them)
  1. Competitive Advantage
  • Examples of competitors and the marketing tactics they are utilizing 
  1. Which tactics will accomplish our goals?
  • List your tactics (channels/mediums, etc) 
  • List each tactics’ key benefits as to why they are selected 
  • List your objectives of each tactic
  • How your tactics support each other and your business goals
  • KPIs for each tactic – how will you measure your success? 

Do you have questions about this marketing strategy template? Reach out to our marketing agency in Vancouver, and we will be happy to chat with you about it! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn—we would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading, and keep it cool!