Trump tower

Vancouver and the Trump. What can we learn from the rise of his brand.

We’ve moved to our current Marketing Greenhouse (a.k.a. office) on Robson Street, Vancouver in August of 2013.  And we even had a sliver of the ocean view, and the North Shore mountains (on a sunny day, that is).

Vancouver - Trump Tower - Cucumber Marketing

Fast forward to 2016 and the view has changed a lot. Today, we are witnessing the full glory of the Trump Tower Vancouver. And while this could be a very good article about Vancouver real estate, this however, is a story of a brand, the Trump brand, naturally.

Trump Tower - Cucumber Marketing, Vancouver

Trump has become an almost a household name for many. If you are a woman, and especially a business-woman, you most likely are familiar with Ivanka Trump’s campaign #WomenWhoWork. The Apprentice, the controversial hotel developments all over the world, to now a presidential campaign. It seems the Trump name is always in the spotlight for one reason or another. You may love it or hate it, but there are a ton of brilliant branding lessons that can be learnt from this family.

1. Any press is good press

Do you agree with this statement? It depends, of course. From the one hand, “at the end of the day”, you want people to talk about your brand, right? Right. On the other hand – how do you know if the subject is helping you or hurting your brand? One thing you need to keep in mind is, as I call it – your “branding filter.” Many of us are wondering, does Trump really not care about his brand when he is being so, let’s put it mildly, outspoken? I am sure you’ve heard, even here in Vancouver, many people were saying that they would not buy anything Trump, because they disagree with what he stands for in his political views. So, back to the branding filter. Ask yourself, do you wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing/saying/supporting? If the answer is yes, then keep doing it. As in the case of Donald Trump, I am sure he believes that he would indeed make “America Great Again” and that’s what his brand is all about. His behaviour supports his brand and vice versa. As we know, however, a good intention may not always result in good aftermath, so choose wisely.

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2. You are always branding

Without getting too political here, I will dare to predict that what they are doing is, in reality, a prep for Ivanka’s future presidential campaign. She is a role model for many young entrepreneurial women, she is smart, well-spoken, etc. etc. By getting the name out there, be it with TV shows, or the actual presidential campaign – the Trumps always remind their “target audience” about their existence. With that, remember, you are always branding. Branding for today, but most likely for the future of your company. With every little step, you are putting another block into your branding foundation. Think ahead.

3. Integrate your branding vertically

Branding is never a one-man show. Branding is not done in the marketing or not even a sales department. Branding “happens” everywhere, on each dimension of your company. Just like Trump is “using” his children and his businesses to get the most publicity for his personal brand, you too can think of the many ways to do the same.

Think, how can you engage your existing resources to get your company noticed from different angles, making your brand’s voice even more noticeable and unique to you (the whole /big/ idea of branding, eh)!

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So, I hope, I didn’t get you all raddled up in the political sense of this tale, but gave you some thoughts and perhaps a few light bulb moments about your own brand. Please do share with us on Facebook if so! Or stop by our office, and check out the progress of that infamous Trump Tower for yourself.

Happy Branding!