The world of marketing has changed. How are you adapting?

If we look at the past, the world is definitely not the same as it used to be. Not more than 50 years ago, when people had a necessity, let’s say they needed a plumber for their new bathroom, or were looking for a job, or even when they needed a car, their first option to fulfill that necessity was the newspapers. That is why originally, the first ads were made for this media.

The basis of every advertisement has remained the same; people are trying to find a trustworthy friend, but this ‘friend’ is not the newspaper anymore. Nowadays, this ‘friend’ is called Google, and its knowledge is endless.

But, if we travel to the past, this was not even the beginning of advertising, or at least not the first way to promote something. Before the printing press was invented in the 15th century, word of mouth was the best advertising. If you had needed someone to fix your house or a farmer for your crops, then you would have hired a person recommended by someone you trust

Google processes over 8.5 billion searches every day. 99.000 searches every second. I know, it is shocking. Therefore, being one of this friend’s recommendations is crucial in today’s world. Let me be completely honest and a bit dramatic: if you are not on Google, people can not find you, and you do not exist. If you are not on Google, your competitors will be. While you are reading this article, they are fighting to be the number one recommendation of this search engine. This is the undeniable answer to why marketing has changed. This is why we create websites, develop and implement search engine optimization strategies, and create and pay for ads on Google Ads.

The world of marketing has changed. Old techniques based on outbound marketing strategies, a method seeking to push messages out to potential customers, are not obsolete but less effective. Why? Because it is a tactic that is not Google’s favourite, and we want our ‘best friend’ to recommend us. How can we do that? Start implementing daily inbound marketing, a strategy where you create content that spreads brand awareness so people learn about you. That makes your website valuable to the customers, and I assure you there is no more relevant aspect of your website for Google than helpful information. Our ‘friend’ wants to fulfill people’s needs behind every consultation. If our website satisfies that, we will build a beneficial friendship with the search engine that will last over the years. 

Adapt or die, as it is said, 40 years ago, our best friends were the radio, the television and the newspapers. We can still maintain these friendships, do not get me wrong, but our focus now will be on starting a fight to build a relationship with Google, the new friend everyone wants to have in their lives, to keep being relevant and an option to customers.

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