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Programmatic Advertising: A Marketing Agency’s Guide

With numerous emerging digital marketing trends, we know it can be difficult to keep up with them all. If you work for a marketing company, you’ve probably heard about programmatic advertising—but what is it really? Don’t worry—we at Cucumber Marketing have got you covered! 

What is Programmatic Advertising? 

Programmatic advertising, or programmatic ad buying, is a way to buy and optimize digital marketing campaigns, like display spaces, rather than buying them directly from publishers. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to buy ads in real-time.

The main goal of programmatic advertising is to increase efficiency in the ad buying transaction between the buyer and the advertiser. Traditionally, salespeople would sell to advertisers a place to insert a banner on their website for a period of time, meaning that no matter who visited the website, all users would see the same banner. 

While programmatic advertising is on the rise, it is still in its early stages. Working with artificial intelligence means that there’s limitations in choosing where your ads will be placed. 

How is Programmatic Advertising Changing Digital Marketing? 

Understanding and analyzing customer data is becoming more and more important compared to other digital marketing campaign optimization strategies. Without that data, programmatic advertising wouldn’t exist. By using personal information, it is able to feed the software with data and decide in real time where the ad goes to ensure optimal performance. 

Programmatic advertising is changing digital marketing as it has shown that it can save you money. One of the most frustrating things about being a marketer is the waste of ad spend. With programmatic advertising, you eliminate wasted dollars spent on driving traffic to suboptimal converting pages. In fact, 85% of the US is using programmatic advertising to reach a more targeted audience. Overall, it streamlines the process of targeting digital marketing campaigns.

Should I Choose Programmatic Advertising over Other Approaches to Ad Buying?

Although programmatic advertising is an emerging data-driven alternative to ad buying, it still requires human investment. If you’re looking for a fast solution to increasing brand awareness, then programmatic advertising will be your best friend. Otherwise, if you’re looking to generate leads or increase conversion rates, you should invest in a holistic marketing strategy that will help you in both the short-term and long term. 

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