How to get footfalls from Facebook

Facebook Engagement Tips For Local Brands: Drive Footfalls To Your Store

If you’ve recently opened the Facebook app on your mobile phone, you must have noticed how it’s enticing you into clicking a photograph for the Olympics at Rio to share on your wall. It’s even throwing in some cool icons and graphics to play with. That’s more proof that personal sharing is down on Facebook. People are using Facebook like a customized social newspaper. Some news, some entertainment and a lot of community stories. But just like a newspaper until 2008, everyone has their own Facebook “reading” preferences and times. So where does your brand fit in all this? Can you manage to get your message noticed, at the right time and actually get your Facebook fans to visit your store? So here’s an interesting take to Facebook marketing. Treat it the same as a newspaper. Here are 4 easy ways to drive footfalls to your store from Facebook. They don’t involve any paid advertising and they come straight out of newspapers.

  1. Find Local Stories

    Just like a local newspaper, think and share local. Try to talk about relevant topics that your audience enjoy or are passionate about. It could mean discussing a local event or news. Invite some local bloggers to visit your store and review it on their blogs. Share their blog posts about your store on your Facebook page. Cover interesting testimonials of your loyal customers who are willing to share their experiences. Design promotions that cater to local occasions and drive your fans to share your brand’s announcements. Learn how to make your sales work better by using social media.

  2. Don’t Explain. Just Prompt. Like Newspaper Headlines

    Facebook is a social media tool that encourages conversations. Brands that remember this when they make their posts have better engagement. Take a note from the good ol’ newspaper headlines. Make them want to read further, share their ideas and have a conversation. A lot of brands think they are doing it right but still don’t see any fans turning up at their businesses. Check if you are making these common social-media mistakes.

    Facebook posts

    Here are some classic examples of Q & A Facebook posts for retail brands:

    1. This or that. Which do you like better?
    2. What would you wear this with?
    3. What name would you give to our new product?
    4. Guess the secret ingredient?
  3. Be Active. Just Like The Paparazzi

    Remember how newspapers would get on one hot trail and not leave it until it was no longer hot. Facebook is a lot similar. Whatever is hot and trending, and relevant to your brand, it should be on your Facebook page. And when any of your fans react with a comment, you should communicate too. Maintain your brand’s tone of voice but talk like a person. As if you are not trying to sell but actually indulging in a conversation with your friends. Keep some time aside everyday to mingle socially. Befriend relevant audience, share or like their posts when relevant (and not creepy). The faster you reply, the more conversations you will attract. Don’t delete the negative comments. Reply to them too, positively and politely. Emoticons always come to the rescue in such situations, by the way.

  4. Get Your Store In The News(feed)

    Facebook social media posts

    Few years back we used to be ready to stand on our heads to get noticed by the media. Any kind of newspaper coverage was capable of getting some buzz for the biz. We have to do the same for Facebook. Make sure your address appears clearly and people are able to check-in to your store location correctly. Organize store promotions which encourage your customers to check-in or to tag your store. The more mentions you earn, the more reach and visibility your Facebook page gets. Don’t miss a chance to invite them to the store. Even if it is for catching some Pokémon. Here are some examples of tactics you can use as a retail brand:

    1. Join us at our Downtown store at 10 AM as we launch our new flavour. The first 100 purchases with check-ins get free gift cards.
    2. How do you use our classic range of…. Post a picture and tag us to get a chance to win free …
    3. Tag us and review our new collection on Facebook. Each review and earn a spot at our preview sale.

Add to these 4 “Newspaper” tips, the Facebook essential tips of sharing videos of your business and making the perfect editorial calendar and you will get your brand to engage with the local audience within days. Your store will see frequent footfalls of your Facebook fans. Get to it! If you need any advise, stop by our office a.k.a The Greenhouse. We always have chocolate and we love talking marketing.