Why Do Companies Fail To Grow?


It’s a word that gets thrown around consistently—particularly in the world of marketing. Every business wants to grow, but why do some companies thrive while others stall? At our marketing agency in Vancouver, we’ve worked with many businesses of different industries and have narrowed it down to three distinct categories as detailed in the book, Scale Up by Verne Harnish:

  • Leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketing

Let’s examine each of these categories, look at examples of how these categories factor into your marketing, and how they relate to growing your business.

Weak Leadership

Leadership provides clarity and vision to every aspect of a company. From branding guidelines to a business’s voice, strong leadership defines a company both internally and externally.

Weak leadership can make it difficult for your marketing to have an impact on an audience. If a business doesn’t have a tone of voice or image, how will your company leave an impression on the public? Strong leadership helps all the moving parts of your company move in the same direction—and when all the moving parts start working together, you are sure to get to your destination faster.

Lack of Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone of your marketing strategy and the key to growing a business. Sending out ads into the online ether won’t help anyone if you don’t have the infrastructure built to handle incoming traffic!

Building a strong infrastructure means mapping out a client’s journey and finding out where your marketing fits into that journey. For example, if your goal is to generate leads for your business, how are you turning your website traffic into leads? Do you have contact forms or call to actions to prompt a user to contact you? Where do the leads go once submitted and what is the process for following up with them? There are a lot of questions that go into building a robust infrastructure, and without the right answers, potential customers are sure to look elsewhere.

Inconsistent Marketing

In many ways, marketing is how you present a company to the world. Before you start your marketing efforts, it’s important to ask yourself, how do I want to introduce this company? Who do I want to be introducing this company to? How does this company communicate with potential clients?

While the world of digital marketing offers a host of marketing platforms and targeting options, it doesn’t provide easy answers to these questions. A brand audit is a great way to figure out exactly how your company is presenting itself and how aligned it is with your marketing. If there is a disconnect between your company and your marketing, a brand audit can also guide the creation of a new marketing strategy that better aligns with your goals.

Grow with Our Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver

Focusing on growth? At our marketing agency in Vancouver, we provide comprehensive brand audits that shine a spotlight on the blind spots that are holding a company back. Give us a shout to learn more about how we can improve your marketing infrastructure and help you grow!