What’s the deal with Content Marketing?​

Have you ever left work on a Friday afternoon, ready for the weekend, only to see a bunch of unrelated ads pop up on Facebook? Ew. What a buzzkill.

Here’s the deal – no-one likes an intrusive ad. Not only are they annoying to customers, but they’re also less effective. In fact, 83% of consumers report having bad experience with social media marketing.

The results are even more catastrophic if you’re posting from a Facebook Page. The top reason for a consumer to “unlike” a Facebook Page is due to “too many self-promotional posts.”

So, what do you do? You made a Facebook page so you could sell products to your fans, right? Wrong. The best way to reach your fans isn’t to be louder than everyone else – it’s to be more useful than everyone else.

Enter Content Marketing

Content marketing is, in a nutshell, a form of “pull marketing” where you attract potential customers by providing them with some sort of value.

What are you looking for online? Who provides the answers? Guess what – even the most unexpected content that you consume is content marketing. The LEGO movie is an hour-and-a-half advertisement for LEGO products. Your favourite YouTube channel is probably a form of content marketing. The list goes on!

Unlike “regular” ads, you don’t shy away from useful content. You love it! And that’s what makes content marketing so strong. In 2015, content marketing generated 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, and cost 62% less (HubSpot).

Content Marketing can take many forms:

  • Infographics
  • Tutorials
  • Case Studies
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • And more!

Here’s the thing: you’re not selling your product. You might not even mention your product at all! But when you show that you understand your customers better than the competition, chances are that your customers will stick with you.

Savvy marketers find the perfect niche between “what the business wants to say” and “what customers want to hear.” You want potential customers to find value in your content, that they’ll come to you. By the time they contact you, they’re already convinced that you’re the right choice. You’re selling without “selling.” How cool is that?

Where do you see content marketing in action? Are there any campaigns you’ve just realized are actually content marketing in action? Or, are you looking to build a brilliant marketing campaign of your own? Let us know on Facebook, or visit our (Marketing) Greenhouse on Robson street! 

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