Quicktech website on mobile smart-phone

Responsive web design and marketing support: QuickTech

Let us handle IT.

From mobile to tablet, quicktech.ca is ready to handle IT.

Quicktech needed a new website and marketing refresh. We designed and developed a custom, responsive website for their business that’s optimized for all mobile devices. In addition to managing their ongoing marketing efforts, we designed engaging marketing materials to attract their target audience.

Custom Window Display

Since website traffic isn’t the only traffic, we developed this fun and eye-catching decal for the Quicktech offices. Passersby and visiting clients will have no trouble recognizing the Quicktech office when they spot the entertaining Tetris design out front. Contact information is available on the door for anyone stopping by after hours.

Quicktech branded window display


On-boarding Package

To say so much more than hello, we created a welcome package for the Quicktech team to send to new clients. Complete with a card and quick-contact information, a custom on-boarding package helped Quicktech clients know their IT needs are taken care of and they can really relax.

Custom design greeting card for Quicktech

Branding Projects

From designing Christmas cards to ordering custom-made tea boxes, we helped Quicktech create branded materials that would help their clients feel truly special. From design through to execution, we made sure that Quicktech would be well-equipped to live up to their brand message. Relax! Let us handle IT.


Each of our design projects would go trough multiple stages of design sketches, reviews and approvals before we decide on a design. This way, our clients can provide feedback to ensure that the final product matches their expectations.

From Christmas card designs (above) to custom-made tea box prototypes (below), we’d create at least four designs to choose from before settling on a final product.


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