Frog Friendly Wild coffee branding and logo

Brand Refresh, Packaging Design and Website

The team at Cucumber Marketing has taken us to places we would never have ventured without their expertise. They took the time to understand what is important to us. The brand refresh, website design and marketing materials they built for us are right in line with who we are. At Frog Friendly Wild Coffee we are more than pleased to be able to partner with such professional and like-minded people. - Shannon Fuller, General Manager

Facilitating Frog Friendly Wild’s brand transition into grocery stores nation-wide

Brewed sustainably with love, Frog Friendly Wild coffee is rapidly expanding in retail thanks to their authentic approach to business, which shines through their branding and packaging design.

Founded nearly 10 years ago with a goal of providing the best ethnically sourced coffee from Mexico, Frog Friendly Wild has come a long way in reaching their customers — without ever compromising that original vision. When General Manager Shannon Fuller knew it was time to expand into retail, she partnered with Cucumber Marketing to ensure that Frog Friendly has a visual identity worthy of the company’s rock-solid principles and practices.

Poster Design | Frog Friendly Wild

At the centre of Frog Friendly’s success today is their authentic story, that is translated into visuals in their branding. Among other projects, Cucumber worked to refresh the Frog Friendly logo and develop retail packaging for the brand. Additionally the brand now has greatly increased online presence, thanks to the completely custom Frog Friendly website, developed on the WordPress platform.

Coffee website design