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Test Your Google AdWords Knowledge

Whether you’re already a professional AdWords manager, are working to achieve your certification or are seeking a marketing agency for support, take this quiz to test how well you really know AdWords.

Try to avoid scrolling to the bottom until you’ve finished, that’s where the answers are. No cheating! Get ready to note down your A, B, or C answer and good luck!

1. What is the Google Display Network?

a. Websites that display Google Ads such as Gmail, YouTube and millions more
b. The tool you use to create video ads
c. A Google tool that tracks how users use your website

2. What factors contribute to an ad’s quality score?

a. Landing page experience, expected clickthrough rate and ad relevance
b. Number of keywords and number of negative keywords
c. None of these

3. How do you calculate your daily budget?

a. You don’t need to input a daily budget
b. Divide your monthly budget by 30.4
c. You divide your monthly budget by the number of clicks you want

4. What would you use the Auction Insights report for?

a. To see how well your ads are doing compared to other advertisers
b. To get recommendations on your monthly budget
c. To choose a landing page for your ad

5. What are negative keywords?

a. They are search words that Google doesn’t allow as keywords
b. They are search words that you don’t want your ad to appear for
c. They are search words that cost a lot

6. If your ads were getting a good number of clicks but not many conversions, what could be a reason for this?

a. Your bid was too low
b. Your landing page isn’t relevant to the ad
c. Your AdWords billing details need to be updated

7. What would you use the Search Terms report for?

a. To see what people searched for when your ad was shown and clicked
b. To see what people searched for when your ad was reported to Google
c. To set up your first ad

8. If you were a marketing agency and your client told you they wanted to run an AdWords campaign that helped with awareness rather than leading to a direct action, what type of bidding would you recommend?

a. Cost-per-click (CPC)
b. Cost-per-thousand (CPM)
c. Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

9. Bob’s Bakery told their marketing agency that they wanted their ad to outrank a competitor domain’s ad. What bid strategy should the marketing agency recommend?

a. Target Outranking Share
b. Maximize Clicks
c. Target ROAS (return-on-ad-spend)

10. According to Google and Ipsos data, how many people say they want ads customized to where they are located?

a. 1 in 5
b. 3 in 5
c. 4 in 5

Now, check your answers with the correct ones below.

Photo Credit: Google
Photo Credit: Google

1. A
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. C

Whether you aced the quiz or not, if you’re looking to learn more about how best to utilize Google AdWords for your business, give us a call. Our AdWords certified team have years of experience in helping our marketing agency clients get the results they want. If you want to pop by and meet the team, now’s a great time – we’ve got lots of Christmas chocolate leftover (but we can’t promise it’ll be there for long)!