Fresh digital marketing and adwords

Keeping paid search *FRESH*

Online Marketing and PPC

Pay-per click (or PPC) online marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to drive new traffic to your website, and Google AdWords is the leading platform for online marketers. Fuelled by the keywords and search terms that companies bid for, ads are shown to your potential customers in search results, like fresh apples at the farmer’s market.

While there are best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords, the possibilities are really limitless and you can really get creative through the AdWords interface. One area we find clients struggle with is keeping the fruit (read: content and targeting) fresh.

Once a campaign has been set up with a list of keywords and some delicious ads, it can be tempting to sit back and watch the results, and somewhat intimidating to make dramatic adjustments. The important thing to remember is that search marketing is always changing (and you need to take care of your apple trees if you want to do well at the farmer’s market). Your customers’ language will change, and your competitors will try new strategies to capture their attention. In the end, it is the advertiser that can best speak to their customers’ current search habits and serve up the freshest ads that comes out on top.

Basically, a PPC campaign should be treated like a living organism. Two key things to consider:

Updating your keywords + bids

Have you introduced a new product or service? Are there new terms trending in your industry? Has the demand or number of competitors for a product or service increased? These are just three basic reasons why your list of keywords (and your bids for those keywords) should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are working for you.

Trying new ads

With PPC ads, you only have about 85 characters and a few seconds to entice a potential customer to click through. Sometimes the smallest changes in wording can make all of the difference. Run multiple variations of ads against each other and track which performs the best — you can learn a lot about your customers’ search habits this way.

Understand your customers and keep on top of your campaigns, and the right people will see the type of ads that will make your business grow.

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