Shoot for greatness with a web design agency

Working with a Web Design Agency

Want to take your web design to the next level?

Perhaps, like many businesses, you’ve been in operation for a few years, and your website is now looking pretty dated. You’re over updating and it’s time for website redesign. You understand that most potential customers will directly interact with your website at some point, and you want the experience to be great. Your website is a priority for 2015, but you’re not sure how to approach addressing it. The reality is that a well-executed website is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your business. Period. It’s no longer just about online presence. A strategic web design will increase your sales and deliver real ROI.

Trust a Web Design Agency to do it right

We’d have it no other way, and unless you have a dedicated team in-house, a qualified agency is absolutely your best bet. (Of course we are bias, but just like in any other industry – hiring professionals always shows the difference in how a project is executed.) The portfolio of work an experienced agency can offer you is a good indicator of what you can expect, and their ongoing support will be suited to your long-term business goals  for maximum growth.

Our process for Web Design

We wanted to shed some light on the process we take with a new web design client. We’re all about transparency at Cucumber Marketing and we take every opportunity to outline clear expectations with clients. Upon identifying the need, our process typically breaks down as follows:


The all important personal touch. We ask the right questions and get to know what makes a business thrive. Then we use our experience to identify how the new website can help our client accomplish tangible business goals. Using research and available historical data we outline a plan to make sure the website is truly a functional tool to grow the business. It’s really not just about looking pretty.

Web Design

But it is about looking pretty too — a visually striking website can help set a business apart in a sea of competitors. At this stage we have our in-house designer plan the visual layouts and present them to our client for approval. This is the client’s chance to see how the design will look, and provide any feedback 0r additional direction.

Web Development

The geeky part. The site’s pages are coded, with a special emphasis on clean, SEO (search engine optimized) code. We keep Google happy and make sure the website can be easily found for all relevant search terms. Google loves us back, too.

Quality Assurance

Testing, testing and more testing. Rock-solid design and development come from having the tools and experience to identify potential issues and address them before they reach anyone’s browser. Regardless of what type of device they’re using to access the website.


We launch a website strategically designed and developed to grow the business.

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Expect no less from your marketing agency. And check out our web design examples (as well as our recent branding work).

We’re ready to help you get there — give us a call for a free audit of your current website.