Photo Credit: Carolyn V

Why We Love Web Design (And You Should, Too!)

Love is in the air and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. This month, as you may have noticed, we’re talking all things web design. Why? Because we love it! From creating the initial designs to tracking the numbers on how and who is using the new website after launch, web design is a very satisfying process and here’s why.

Love At First (Web)Site

Photo Credit: Brigitte Tohm

While there are many ways to track the success of a new website (some of which we’ll go into), the initial look is what really pulls at our heart strings and reminds us why we love web design. Vancouver is home to many great businesses that we’ve helped launch a highly impactful website. Take a look at some of the web design projects we’ve worked on. Whether we’re updating a website or creating a client’s first ever one, the journey from sitemap to design is such a fun one to watch. But, once the design is approved there are still plenty more reasons why great web design is, well, great.

You Had Me At Hello

While we love the look of well designed websites, they are there for doing more than just looking pretty. Intro, the second reason we love web design. A well thought out website, preempts how a person will use it. Users get led on a journey from when the first arrive at the website, onto the task you want them to perform. That could be to buy a product, book an appointment, find your location details or complete a contact form. There are some really great tools and plugins out there that can help you track this journey.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Tools, such as Google Analytics, can give you information on how people are using your website, for how long and at what point they leave. This can be very useful information both before the creation of a new website and after. If you gradually see the amount of time people spend on your website and the number of pages they visit increase, your website is well designed! They want to spend time with you (well your website). Sure, numbers and analytics aren’t sexy but we love them anyway. They tell us we’re doing our job right and are helping businesses do theirs too.

If you want to fall in love with your website again, let us be your cupid. Mail us a handwritten letter, write us a message in the sky, or simply (and much less romantically) stop by our agency’s marketing and web design office in Vancouver – we always have chocolate!