When is it time to refresh your brand

When does your brand need a refresh?

#1. If your USP is tighter than before.

As your brand continues to grow, many things change from when you first launched it. Almost every 3 years, you have a tighter, stronger USP which needs to be communicated afresh. Or you might even notice inconsistency in how your brand is portrayed, internally and externally. If you feel your current brand identity doesn’t communicate your USP very well, you might need to refresh your brand.

#2. If your consumer is evolving faster than you.

Your consumer wants quick bold statements. Your consumer uses hashtags and emojis, while your brand uses complicated vocabulary. This goes without saying, your brand and your consumer are in two different places.

Your brand needs to be prepared to mingle with the Netflix and Snapchat generation. To succeed, it is a must to build a connection with these consumers now.

Look at the new campaign of Gillette Venus. You’ll notice how the brand has refreshed itself for it’s young teen consumer.

#3. If your brand looks nothing like the new players.

The new brands that have entered your industry are brands of 2017. They look fresh and trendy, and in sync with the digital trends around you. They have a casual yet creative style and appear interesting. Your brand looks old when compared to them. Rather, outdated.

Take a look at Ban.do and Papyrus for instance. They are both design houses, but Ban.do looks more modern and relevant.

Papyrus branding
Papayrus Website Banner
Brand refresh Bando
Ban.do Website Banner

#4. If your brand has no stories to tell on social media.

Have you been forcing content on Facebook and Instagram just because your agency asked you to? Well, if you are forcing it, chances are it shows. If you are not able to come up with something interesting enough to share on Instagram or Facebook, then you are lacking a story and your brand needs help becoming social media friendly.

Take a look at The North Face on Facebook and Instagram. Their brand has made an effort to find a story and has adapted its identity on social media accordingly, to make them look real and convincing.

Social media - North Face

#5. If your brand still thinks ‘Desktop’ first.

If your website was designed for desktop and then adapted for mobile or if most of your communication is designed as print advertisements and flyers and then changeVd into Google and Facebook ads, then you need to refresh your brand. Mobile-first. It’s been important for quite
a few years now.

Still not sure if your brand needs a refresh?

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