What Is Google Ads Newest Campaign Performance Max?

Announced and launched by Google in 2021, Performance Max Campaigns were introduced to manage YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps ads from one single campaign. If you’re a local business owner looking to generate leads and drive online sales or in-store visits, this is the campaign for you. 

Our digital marketing agency in Vancouver has been utilizing this campaign as part of our clients’ tailored marketing strategies. We were able to increase lead generation for one of them by 200%. 

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What Is The Difference Between Performance Max And Other Google Campaigns?

In our marketing agency, we like to say Performance Max is an all-in-one campaign. What does this mean? 

Performance Max will let you input images, headlines, and descriptions and Google will mix and match them to fit in different places and across different channels. 

So instead of creating Display Ads for image ads and Search Ads for text ads, you can do it all in one place.

When To Use Performance Max Campaigns

If your business already runs Search campaigns and wants to supplement them, but doesn’t know which channel to start with, Performance Max campaigns are a good idea. 

Google’s automation technology optimizes the campaign in real-time, driving performance in accordance to your goal. We recommend using this campaign when your business goal is to generate leads. 

Benefits Of Performance Max Campaigns

There are many benefits of Performance Max campaigns, but the main ones are: 

  1. Increase in conversions 
  2. Simplified campaign management
  3. Driving value to your business with automation 
  4. Reach more people across different channels

Updates Coming To Google Performance Max Campaigns

In May 2022, Google announced many changes to the advertising world through Google Marketing Live, many of which were changes to the Performance Max campaigns. 

The main takeaway that we had from these changes is that Google is heavily investing in automation and encouraging advertisers and businesses to create Performance Max Campaigns rather than having multiple campaigns running. 

  1. Additional Insights. Advertisers will get more customers, audience and auction insights to understand performance.
  2. Optimization Score. Advertisers will get automated recommendations of Performance Max optimization.
  3. Accessibility. Performance Max campaigns will now be able to be managed across the Google Ads app or Search Ads 360. 
  4. Driving Traffic To Stores. Google is optimizing Performance Max to help brick-and-mortar businesses to drive more traffic and sales to their physical stores. 

These changes give the advertiser more control and data over their Performance Max campaigns. 

Still Got Questions?

Do you still have questions about Google Ads and Performance Max Campaigns or how to create them? Reach out to our digital marketing agency in Vancouver and we will be happy to chat with you about it! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – we would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for reading and keep it cool!