Website design, Cucumber style.

Thinking about getting a fresh website but feeling a little overwhelmed?

Let me break it down for you so you can see how simple the website design process is – or at least how simple we make it for you!

Step 1

First – we like to get a sense of YOU, your PASSIONS, what you want the website to achieve – sales, brand awareness, new business or even all of the above. This stage is achieved through a creative brief – a chance for you to express your business goals and in turn helps us get a clear idea about you. (We also like to meet you over a huge bar of chocolate!)

Step 2

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Now the fun begins! We get to play around with what we think is best for YOU in terms of design. Yes, this is our idea of fun. Our crazy, coffee loving designer will rustle up two concept designs for your site, usually one hitting the brief and one slightly off the brief, lets open our minds up even further.

The design is carefully crafted to be inline with your brand’s visually identity (VI), using the brand’s colours, logo, font + any cool features that work with the content to keep the viewer engaged.

When we create the design, we keep in mind that we want the brand to be recognizable from the first 3 seconds of the viewer entering the landing page, that the design isn’t distracting from the message/content and that it is easy to navigate.

Step 3

Once you have approved a design concept we will proceed with developing the design with (usually) two rounds of amends.

Once the website has been approved, copy has been supplied and is ready to be coded. Are you ready for what happens next? Are you sure?…Well, next we want you to sit back, put your feet up and let us do the rest! We will turn your design from paper (or PDF) to a fabulously fresh live website!

Enjoy the look, the functionality and the simplicity of your new website. Make money. Grow your empire! 

Simple? We thought so too!