Web Design – Expectation vs. Reality

Are you looking for  web design for your Vancouver business? Deciding on a digital marketing agency to work with is tough enough, but hiring help for your web design project can take the confusion to a whole ‘nother level. 

You’re already considering how you get along with an agency: their organization, processes, checklists, and roadmaps. But on top of that, you have technical concerns. Responsive web design, content management systems, browser support, and any special functionality for your website. (Not to mention the content!) 

The ins and outs of any new website can seem daunting, to say the least. 

But you shouldn’t stress about these details, that’s our job. Yet at the same time, we all know that nagging feeling when you don’t know what you don’t know.

There’s just too many details for you to feel certain.

As uncomfortable as that might sound, the pain of an outdated website can be much worse for your business. 

So if you need that new web design either way, how can we make the process more comfortable?

You need a grace period

The day has finally come. You’ve tested your new website and signed off on the approval document — launched! But… the very next day you find some missing content, or incomplete functionality. 

You bring this up to your agency, but they respond, “You signed off on the approval doc. It’s in your hands… but we’d be happy to fix things for you at an additional cost”. Gross, right? You’ve already spent your budget on this project. Talk about a nightmare.

This is exactly the fear that fed your nagging uncertainty from before. Sure, there might be details that need adjustments after launch, but the burden shouldn’t fall onto you. This can all be avoided early in your agency selection process. 

When you ask any agency about their web design services, be sure to ask about their grace period. A grace period is the length of time after launch when any necessary fixes or changes to your website will be provided by the agency to you at no extra cost. 

Before launching a new website, there can be plenty of last-minute content and layout changes, and with websites, changing just one thing can affect the rest. From content tweaks to browser compatibility issues, unknown unknowns can pop in any web design project right after launch. With the complexity of the project, it’s only natural that these things can happen. But a good web design team will be sure to take care of these things for you.

At Cucumber Marketing, we offer a two-week grace period with every website we publish. The next time that you embark on your next web design project, make sure that your contract includes a grace period.

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