We are thankful for their business #TagAndSayThanks

Think about it. Every day so many businesses come together to give us a perfect day. A much needed cup of latte, a quick lunch break at the local sushi bar, a yoga class squeezed into your busy schedule, a cab ride home when you’re carrying more than your laptop, a reliable nanny service, a juice bar that doesn’t let you over-indulge when you are stressed, a software that helps you meet your work deadlines, a laptop that won’t ever let you down, the local shelter that found you your precious cat or a bar where you can dump your work life woes with your friends. Have you ever thought, these businesses or these brands are not just commercial units but actually somebody’s dream? Someone, someday must have had a dream to make this possible for us. It’s that dream, that passion and that hard work that we get, rolled into a neat little package called a product or a service. These aren’t products or services. They are dreams, that some people (a team of amazing people!) worked hard to fulfil. Every day, they serve us their dreams in a cup, on a tray or in a ride home.

You’d say we pay them or we tip them when we can, but these are businesses which have become a part of our lives as Vancouverites (or other amazing cities out there). And we want to do more than just pay the bill. We want to thank them. And hey, it’s Thanksgiving. Your favourite business will love to see it tagged in your post. Your tag will make their Thanksgiving happier at various levels. So don’t hesitate, here’s what you gotta do.

We’ve decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by thanking all of these wonderful businesses and also find some lucky thank-givers who will win gift cards from their favourite brands. We are running the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All you gotta do is tag us, tag them and use #TagAndSayThanks.

Tag And Say Thanks Business Vancouver

Just follow the links below and start tagging the business you want to thank.

On Facebook:

Just head to our post here and in the comments below tag the business you want to thank!

On Instagram:

Just head to our post here and in the comments below tag the business you want to thank

Or Do the simple 1-2-3-4 from the Instagram App on your phone

1 – Post a photo of the business you want to thank

2 – Tag us @Cucumber_Marketing

3 – Tag the business For eg. @TimHortons

4 – Use the hashtag #TagAndSayThanks

On Twitter:

Just Tweet a thanks, tagging the business you want to thank, use the hashtag #TagAndSayThanks and don’t forget to tag us @CuMarketing

Their dreams make your lives better. Don’t you want to thank them this Thanksgiving? You might win a free gift card to your favourite brand. You’ve got nothing to lose, but lots to give. Smiles and gratitude. Let’s get started!