Using Snapchat for Social Media Marketing

Snapchat is the newest social media rage. It allows you to connect with your friends or customer audience for a maximum of 10 seconds then… POOF, the post is gone (unless it’s added to your story)! This makes the user focus on getting to the point and doing so quickly.

How Do I Use Snapchat In My Business?

Snapchat Discover Page The app was initially intended just to send photos to your friends. However, Snapchat quickly blew up into an app for many different demographics. Businesses are now using the app to market their products and to give fans an inside scoop of what the company is currently up to. National Geographic is one of these companies. They use Snapchat to spread awareness of certain issues that are going on in the world. Another company is Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has been using the app to share news and statistics with Snapchat users under the Discover page. The Discover page is a page where you can tune into big news providers or entertainment providers and view things that they are sharing with Snapchat Users.

4 Reasons To Use Snapchat

  1. It’s easy to share information with your followers. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you don’t need to worry about adding hashtags, captions, or stress out about the amount of traffic it will produce. Snapchat is pain-free; just shoot and post.
  2. Since Snapchat’s videos and photos are only 10 seconds long, it forces the user to be to the point. This is good because you are cutting out all of the opportunities for people to lose interest. Now that people’s attention spans are now only a couple minutes long, it’s easier for someone to pay attention to a Snapchat than read a blog post or a Facebook post.
  3. It’s easy to be creative. With Snapchat’s video, filter, and drawing features it’s easy to be creative and fun! A fun and colourful “snap” is way more appealing to the general public than a boring blog post (unless you’re talking OUR blog posts…)
  4. Snapchat makes it easy to show behind-the-scenes footage. It’s convenient for the user to film, and easy for the viewer to see and become engaged. Lets say you are running… a fashion show! You want to inform your viewers about an outfit that will be seen at the show. You can take a photo and post. BOOM… easy!

This blog post was written by Cucumber Aydin. You can check out his blog post on Marketing in 2016! We’re proud to have such a young, aspiring marketer give his two cents on what’s hot in social media. While we’re always looking for the latest and greatest marketing tool, such as Facebook Canvas, we like to ask users of all ages for their opinions on the platforms they use.

Are you interested in Snapchat? Instagram? Or some other social media platform? Contact our marketing agency and find out what we have to offer! We always have chocolate.