Trends In Consumer Behaviour

Do you have a smartphone?

Statistically, it’s likely that you do. The majority of Canadians have one within arms reach every hour of every day, giving them fast access to customer reviews, nearby restaurants, and most importantly, cute cat videos. The popularity of these devices has changed consumer behaviour to become more demanding of their mobile experience. So if your digital marketing strategies do not prioritize this mobile trend, you’re likely missing out on potential profits.

Consumers Love Research

We are a research obsessed society. We want to see Google reviews, tutorials, comparisons, and we soak up content about everything on our wishlists. Moreover, these searches are being performed with (you guessed it) our smartphones.

For instance, in the past two years, there has been a 375% increase in mobile searches for “best salt.” It wasn’t too long ago that marketers thought that commodities like salt weren’t worth branding, let alone promoting which type is the best.

But now here we are. Kosher salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt, rock salt, and the list continues. We want to know which is the best type and what brand to buy from, all from the convenience of our smartphone.

Overall, mobile searches containing the term “best” have grown by 80% in just the past two years. When consumers are performing mobile product research, 9/10 are unsure about which brand they want to purchase from. This creates opportunities to capture consumers attention, and hopefully turn them into lifelong customers.

Mobile searches containing the term “best” have grown by 80% in just the past two years.

“Where to buy” mobile searches have increased 85% since 2015 too. So once consumers have settled on their item of choice, they want to know where they can pick it up. If your business does not have an updated Google My Business account, you’re likely missing out on opportunities to acquire new customers.

It’s Got To Be Fast

We don’t just want to know which products are the best; we want to know it right now. In fact, 53% of mobile users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Since site speed is so important, Google has made it one of their ranking factors when generating search results. So for your site to be found by consumers, it has got to load fast on mobile devices to help its SEO. Globally the average site load speed is 15 seconds leaving ample opportunity for your website to rise in the ranks of search results.

Putting Your Digital Strategy Together

Convenience is king. The good news is that digital marketing agencies like us can help you capitalize on these consumer trends. We love the challenge of creating fast websites that attract users and turn them into customers. If you’d like to find out how we can help grow your business, give us a call at 604-559-7509 or stop by our digital marketing agency in downtown Vancouver – we always have “the best” chocolate!