Top 6 web design trends from 2019

The year 2019 was a great year for experimenting with web design. Our marketing agency gathered up some of our favourite web design techniques we saw in 2019. 

Bold colours

Awwwards conference website

Colours can affect the way your user feels while browsing your website. Using bold colours can add a playful touch to your site. The Awwwards conference site shows this by using a bright purple background along with a pink shape with fun colours.


Monochromatic colours give the design a more cohesive look. Here, the colours are all the same, but the shades vary. The background is light, while the text is darker, that way it would stand out more. 


Adding shapes on your website makes it dynamic and engaging. Many websites added shapes as part of their design in 2019, adding more depth to the experience. 


Captain Marvel

This trend is more comical. Going back to the good ol’ designs from the ’90s. The use of comic sans, rainbow text and clipart was everywhere in web design. The movie website for Captain Marvel, perfectly captured what the website trends were like back in the day. 

Subtle interactions 

Tubik from Dribble

The best part of building a website is bringing the interactions to life. Adding fun interactions while the user is going through the site makes it a more memorable and engaging. 

Asymmetrical Layout

Having text or images overlap each other gives dimension in web design. It adds a cool and unique touch to your site. 

We are excited to see what web design trends will resurface in 2020. 

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