heart-centred branding

The psychology behind heart-centred branding.

How can social entrepreneurs balance their desire to do good, with operating in an extremely competitive, harsh-reality business world? Is there any difference in the way a marketing or branding campaign would be structured for a “heart-centred” business?

We believe so, and here’s why.

Having a unique business model calls for a unique approach to marketing.

We believe, there are 2 types of companies out there:

  1. Companies that are purely driven by their P&L
  2. Companies that are aiming for growth AND meaning

You’ve heard the terms; social entrepreneur, heart-centred business, conscious company. What does this mean?

Social entrepreneurs are driven and measured not only by the profit they make, but also by the impact they make on their community, environment or a certain social group.

What does this mean for marketing?

How do you do your branding if you are a social entrepreneur?

Here’s the good news. If your business is B-to-C, if you are working directly with your customers, end-users (i.e. people) then you are already half-way there. Humans are social creatures, and when you meet them in their “social” environment, they are more receptive to your marketing messages, and are able to connect with your heart-centred marketing and branding easier.

The bad news is if your customers are not “people”, but companies, then you are dealing on a different psychological level here, and your marketing must be adjusted appropriately.

Here’s what I mean. Despite the fact, that we do do business with people, not “businesses,” the thing is, when we deal with humans in their “business mode”, out of their usual “social environment” as mentioned above, they are operating in the sympathetic nervous system (logical, left-brain-dominated). Even the most creative and heart-centred of us, are going to react to completely different things when we are in this state. It’s our survival mode, it’s where we are geared to get things done, it’s when the main goal of our brain is to be alert, act quickly, and it’s guided by analyzing the facts (not emotions). As we know marketing and branding works best, when we appeal and connect with people on an emotional level. What’s the trick then? Well, then – if you are marketing to a “business person” in their sympathetic state of mind, then you just need to ensure that you meet them where they are (facts), and then guide them towards where you want them to be (feelings and emotions).

Make it work for you:

  • Keep the balance in your marketing and provide enough facts for the sympathetics nervous system if you are a B-to-B business.
  • Keep your authentic voice alive! This is what makes you – you.
  • But also, remember, it’s not about YOU, it’s about your customers. Meet them where they are, and then provide more information on why they should choose you.

Happy marketing! 

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